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    2-4/7 Inch Electric Jig Saw, 3.5A

    Cheap Electric jig saw for sale. Wood cutting capacity 2-4/7 inch (65mm) and steel is 8mm, bevel cutting 45° for left and right, power supply 230V 3.5A or 240V, 3.3A. Variable speed 0-3000 rpm. Semi-professional use, high cost performance.
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    Multi-function hand-held electric jig saw, used for straight lines/oblique lines/curves cutting. Applicable materials include metal, wooden boards, thin iron sheets, plastics, etc. It is a small portable jig saw for professional and DIY use.


    Model T-JS001B
    Rated Voltage 230V 50Hz, 240V 60Hz
    Input Power 800W
    Rated Current 3.5A, 3.3A
    No-Load Speed 0-3000 rpm
    Cutting Capacity Wood: 2-4/7 inch (65mm)
    Steel: 8mm
    Bevel Cutting Range -45°~0°~45°
    Stroke Distance 20mm
    Weight 3 kg


    • The electric jig saw has 4 pendulum action settings for fast cutting in different materials.
    • Portable hand-held electric jig saw, compact structure and small size.
    • The electric jig saw is suitable for DIY, novice and professional woodworking.

    Electric Jig Saw Dimensions & Details

    Dimension Drawing of 2-4/7 in electric jig saw, 3.3Amp   Details of 2-4/7 In Electric Jig Saw, 3.3 Amp

    Saw Blade Installation for Electric Jig Saw

    1. Twist the quick chuck.
    2. Insert saw blade to the end.
    3. Release the button to complete installation.

    Saw Blade Installation of 2-4/7 In Electric Jig Saw, 3.5A

    Angle Adjustment for Electric Jig Saw

    1. Unscrew the bottom screw.
    2. Adjust to the required angle.
    3. Tighten the bottom screw.

     Angle Adjustment for 2-4/7 In Electric Jig Saw, 3.5A

    Tips: Precautions for using electric jig saw.

    1. Wear work clothes and protective glasses when working. Keep the work area clean.
    2. Do not use electric jig saw in the rain, excessive humidity, or flammable liquid gas.
    3. Electric jig saw power cord should be kept away from heat, oil and sharp objects. When power cord is damaged, replace it in time. Do not make power cord contact with bare conductors to prevent electric shock.
    4. When not using an electric jig saw, keep it in a dry place out of reach of children. Unplug the power cord to prevent accidental startup and cause danger.
    5. It is strictly forbidden to use a jig saw under overload. Do not use low-power tools for heavy-duty work to avoid damage.
    6. Electric jig saw cannot be used for operations other than sawing.
    7. When replacing accessories, be sure to disconnect the power before proceeding.
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