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    3.15" Electric Jigsaw with Laser, 3.5A

    Best electric jigsaw with laser function. Cutting capacity 3.15 inch (80mm) for wood and 10mm for steel cutting, bevel cutting range -45°~45°, optional power supply 3.5A/3.3A for 230V, 3.3A/3.1A for 240V. Variable speed 0-3000 rpm. Professional use, high efficiency.
    SKU: T-EJS-31535L
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    Good price electric jigsaw for sale, with laser guided function and LED light. Applicable cutting materials are wood, plastic and metal. Compact structure and small size make the electric jig saw more portable, suitable for hand DIY, novice and professional woodworking and so on.


    Model T-JS008B T-JS016B
    Rated Voltage 230V 50Hz, 240V 60Hz
    Input Power 800W 750W
    Rated Current 3.5A, 3.3A 3.3A, 3.1A
    No-Load Speed 0-3,000 rpm
    Cutting Capacity Wood: 3.15 inch (80mm)
    Steel: 10mm
    Bevel Cutting Range -45°~0°~45°
    Stroke Distance 20mm
    Weight 3 kg

    Electric Jigsaw Dimensions Drawing

    T-JS008B T-JS016B
    Dimension of 3.15" Electric Jigsaw with Laser, 3.3 Amp Dimension of 3.15" Electric Jigsaw with Laser, 3.1 Amp

    Electric Jigsaw Structure Diagram

    T-JS008B T-JS016B
    Structure of 3.15" Electric Jigsaw with Laser, 3.3 Amp Structure of 3.15" Electric Jigsaw with Laser, 3.1 Amp

    Saw Blade Installation for Electric Jigsaw

    1. Use Allen wrench to unscrew the hexagon socket screw counterclockwise.
    2. Insert saw blade.
    3. Fix saw blade and tighten the hexagon socket screws.

    Saw Blade Installation of 3.15" Electric Jigsaw with Laser, 3.5A

    Tips: Use electric jigsaw for cutting bevel edge.

    • Electric jigsaw can cut bevel edge within 45°. Before operation, loosen the screws connecting base and saw body. First move the base horizontally to the right end, and then move the base vertically to the desired angle.
    • There is scales on the base for reference. Reset the base after use.
    • Note: When using this function, the plastic cover that blocks sawdust cannot be put down, so the sawdust can not be cleaned. This function is only suitable for straight cutting, otherwise saw blade of the electric jigsaw may break.
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