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    End Mill Sharpener, Ф4-Ф20mm, 160W

    Reasonable price end mill sharpener for sale, special for spiral milling cutter and common mill cutters. Grinding range can select Ф4mm-Ф14mm or Ф4mm-Ф20mm. Rated voltage 220V, 160W motor. No-load speed 4400rpm. Suitable end mill cutter of 2-flute, 3-flute and 4-flute.
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    End mill sharpener can sharpening and grinding end surface, center angle, clearance angle and side blade for end mill cutters. The end mill sharpening machine has attachments of fixture set and 2 optional grinding wheels for high-speed steel or tungsten steel.


    Model T-MCG-X6 T-MCG-X6A
    Grinding Range Ф4mm-Ф14mm Ф4mm-Ф20mm
    Rated Voltage 220V 50/60Hz
    Motor Power 160W
    Rotation Speed 4,400 rpm
    Grinding Wheel CBN (for high speed steel), SDC (for tungsten steel)
    Certification CE
    Warranty 1 year
    Dimension 51*25*31cm
    Weight 23kg 25kg


    • Upgraded high-performance end mill sharpener. In addition to grinding the end surface, center angle, clearance angle and side blade of ordinary 2-flute, 3-flute and 4-flute end mills, it can also grind spiral milling cutters.
    • End mill sharpener has an integrated-design grinding seat. It can grind 6-flute when mill cutter diameter is Ф12mm, and can grind side blade when mill cutter diameter is more than Ф6mm.
    • High grinding precision, accurate tool setting, adjustable point angle and adjustable grinding amount.

    End Mill Sharpener Structure Diagram

    End Mill Sharpener Effect Diagram

    Effect Diagram of Milling Cutter Grinder, Ф4-Ф20mm, 160W

    End Mill Sharpener Packing List

    Packing List of End Mill Sharpener, 160W, 20mm

    1. End mill sharpener machine*1
    2. SDC/CBN grinding wheel*3
    3. Fixture #20 collet*8
    4. Fixture ER20 collet*5, ER40 collet*4
    5. Large/small chuck set*2, 4/6-flute*2
    6. Small Allen wrench*4

    Tips: Use end mill sharpener to grind the end face and peripheral cutting edge.

    • Grind the end face of end mill cutter.
      Before grinding, return the E scale knob back to the original point, and then adjust to an appropriate grinding amount. Start the end mill sharpener, after motor rotates smoothly, place milling cutter fixture in the end face angle grinding seat hole. Align the notch of fixed chuck nut to grinding seat and gently push it to the end. Grind it until grinding sound is still, take it out. Then turn 180° or 90°, and grind in the same way until there is no sound.
    • Grind the peripheral cutting edge of end mill cutter.
      First adjust length of the milling cutter to be ground and put it in bearing set. According to gap size, use fine adjustment of the end mill sharpener to adjust the relief angle of cutting edge. Turn on grinding wheel and adjust carriage size. Then begin to grind the peripheral cutting edge of milling cutter.
    Existing reviews
    Arun 1/12/2021 6:04 AM
    Good end mill sharpener
    I tried the end mill sharpener when I received it, and the grinding was great. In the past, the grinding in the workshop required professional personnel. Now everyone can grind, saving the factory a lot of money. Its operation method is very simple, and beginners can easily learn it.
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