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    End Mill Sharpener, Ф6-Ф20mm, 250W

    Grinder Sharpener for ball nose end mill cutter. Grinding range Ф6mm-Ф20mm. Power supply 220V, 250W motor. Rotation speed 4400rpm. Adjustable R-angle R3~R10. Excellent quality and competitive price.
    SKU: T-MCG-620
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    Model T-MCG-X8
    Grinding Range Ф6mm-Ф20mm
    Rated Voltage 220V 50/60Hz
    Motor Power 250W
    Rotation Speed 4400rpm
    Grinding Wheel CBN (for high speed steel), SDC (for tungsten steel)
    Certification CE
    Warranty 1 year
    Dimension 60*29*37cm
    Weight 40kg


    • The sharpener grinder is specialized for grinding ball nose end mill cutter. It can grind Ф6mm-Ф20mm spherical arc surface, and it can also be used in grooving for blade edge cutting flute and grinding for clearance relief angle.
    • Precise tool setting design, simplifies the machine body structure and provides high tool setting accuracy. Use a micrometer to fine-tune and control the amount of grinding required.
    • Flexibly use grinding base to adjust the radian, and adjust angle for trial grinding to achieve the desired effect.

    Structure Diagram of End Mill Sharpener

    Structure Diagram of Milling Cutter Grinder, Ф6-Ф20mm, 250W

    1. power switch 2. right hand grinding wheel 3. right protective cover 4. transverse feed plate 5. straight to the plate 6. rotate the bearing seat A
    7. drawer 8. fine-tune the twist-roller 9. alignment base 10. left protective cover 11. left hand grinding wheel 12. adjust the lift
    13. rotate the bearing seat B 14. circular rotation seat 15. helix 16. arc fine-tuning 17. outside diameter fine-tuning 18. collet chuck

    Effect Diagram of End Mill Sharpener

    Effect Diagram of Milling Cutter Grinder, Ф6-Ф20mm, 250W

    Packing List

    1. End mill sharpener machine T-MCG-X8*1
    2. SDC/CBN grinding wheel*8
    3. ER32 collet*8
    4. Small Allen wrench*3 (3, 4, 5mm)
    5. Chuck set*1

    Packing List of Ball Nose End Mill Cutter Sharpener

    Tips: What is an end mill sharpener for ball nose mill cutter?

    Ball nose mill cutter is an end mill suitable for milling various materials, including die steel, cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel, and general iron materials. It is widely used for processing various curved surfaces and arc grooves. Due to the spherical design, manual grinding is difficult, and the arc center point is not balanced. After grinding, the milling cutter cannot reach the standard of new cutter, service life is greatly reduced.

    The end mill sharpener can be used to grind ball nose end mill cutter with diameter of 6mm-20mm. Ensure high precision and high efficiency. Conducive to repeated use of the ball nose end mill cutter, reduce resource waste and save costs.

    Ball nose mill cutter

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