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    How to Choose Right Electric Screwdriver?

    When people are buying the basic tools necessary for home, such as electric screwdrivers, they must master some skills.

    Select based on torque

    Compared with ordinary electric drills, firstly the electric screwdriver adds the "setting torque" function, that is, it will jump out if the torque exceeds a certain torque, so it will not blindly twist the screw hole. Secondly it adds the forward and reverse gears to loosen and tighten the screw. Besides, it has added with the low speed gear to be more suitable for screwing. If the torque is too small, the screw can't be twisted, and if the torque is too large, it is easy to damage the product and cause serious slippage. Therefore, it is best to buy an electric screwdriver with precise torque settings with appropriate maximum torque, and multiple gear adjustments.

    Cordless electric screwdriver kit

    Select based on revolving speed and accuracy

    If the speed is too low, it is easy to affect the efficiency. Generally, good power screwdrivers all have several different speed options such as high, medium and low. In terms of accuracy, some electric screwdrivers do not have high requirements for this. Generally speaking, big brands have done a great job in this regard. The electric screwdrivers on are cooperating with well-known Chinese brands to provide you with high-quality products. We have 3.6V/4.8V cordless electric screwdriver kit and brushless electric screwdriver with torque from 1kgf to 45 kgf for chosen.

    Select based on the purpose

    When buying the electric screwdriver, you must first determine whether it is used for household or industrial use. Designed by professionals, different purpose electric screwdrivers will have different power. So people should choose a suitable electric screwdriver. Household electric screwdrivers have relatively low power, while industrial power settings are larger, so that professionals can use it more efficently during long-term use.

    Select based on appearance

    When choosing a tool, appearance is also a factor that people cannot ignore. For example, when people are buying an power screwdriver, they first need to observe the appearance. People need to observe whether the surface of it is beautiful and wear-free, and whether some parts are shiny, because the more sophisticated tools will pay more attention to these details, which can also be judged as a tool with good quality.

    The appearance of the tool should be uniform in color, the surface of the plastic part should be free of obvious shadows, scratches or bumps, and the assembly misalignment between the shell parts should be 0.5mm. The aluminum casting coating should be smooth and beautiful without defects, and the surface of the whole machine should be free of oil and stains. When holding it by hand, the handle of the switch should be flat. And the length of the cable should not less than 2 meters.

    Select based on performance

    Firstly, people should turn on the power of the electric screwdriver, and then frequently operate the switch to start the tool frequently. In this process, people should observe whether the on-off function of the electric screwdriver switch is good, and at the same time, observe whether the function of each part is intact, as they are the basis for the normal use of tools. So choosing tools with good performance is the most important step.

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