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    How to Select the Best Aluminum Ladder?

    In our daily life, ladders are more and more widely used. When decorating at home, we all need the help of a ladder. There are many types of ladders. In terms of material, they can be divided into aluminum alloy, stainless steel, fiberglass, iron, wood, bamboo ladders and so on. The current ladders are basically made of aluminum alloy. Aluminum-alloy ladders are relatively safer than wooden ladders, and they are also very light to use. Therefore, how to choose a suitable aluminum ladder?

    Distinguish the ladder materials

    The material of the ladder can generally be judged by checking the gloss of the surface when selecting a aluminum ladder. If it is made of recycled materials, the surface of the ladder is dull or pale, free of gloss, and shows rough hand feel. The surface glossiness of the new material is very good, and the touch feel is smooth and delicate. In addition, you can check the toughness of the material. A qualified aluminum alloy material should be able to return to its original state immediately after being extruded by an allowable external force. If it cannot be restored immediately, this kind of ladder poses a big safety hazard.

    Choose based on ladder workmanship

    First, you need to open the aluminum ladder to take a look. If the ladder creaks as soon as it is opened, then it is definitely not a good ladder. A good ladder has no sound when opening and closing. In addition, you need to check if the aluminum alloy ladder is level when it is opened. If the ladder is shaking, you need to check whether the ladder has long and short feet. Or, you can also check the materials and workmanship of the accessories. Finally, the criteria for judging whether the aluminum ladder interface is good or bad are as follows:

    Aluminum alloy ladder

    1. If the interface is fixed by rivets, you can see the processing status of the rivets. If there is looseness or the gap is too large, the ladder is a non-conforming product.
    2. If the interface is welded in a fixed way, the weld bead must be fish-scale like a standard product, and the weld bead must be full, and its height and size must be uniform.
    3. If the interface is fixed by riveting, you can see whether the connection between the stepping rod and the ladder beam is loose (not tight), and the flange of the stepping rod should be of uniform size.

    Check the ladder loading force

    In order to prevent the poor quality aluminum ladder from hurting us when checking the bearing capacity, we must first look at the maximum marked bearing capacity. In the ladder national standard GB 12142-2007, the load can be divided into four gears, namely 90kg, 100kg, 110kg, 135kg. The safety load of a qualified ladder should be more than 2.5 times the marked value.

    Buying skills of the aluminium telescoping ladders

    The telescopic aluminum alloy ladder is made of new aluminum alloy materials. Compared with traditional bamboo and wood ladders, the flexible telescopic aluminum alloy ladder has lower mass and higher strength. In addition, it is also equipped with a non-slip and wear-resistant protective cover at the foot of the ladder, which can play a certain anti-slip effect. Moreover, the flexible aluminum alloy ladder is easy to operate, and can be folded and extended at will. Users can adjust the height of the ladder according to their needs.

    1. When purchasing a flexible folding aluminum alloy ladder, it is firstly required to unfold the ladder and place it on a relatively flat ground to see if the ladder shakes and whether the four ladder feet are level. In addition, you need to carefully check each screw interface and welding place for any loosening, falling off, or cracking of the welding seam.
    2. If the purchased flexible aluminum alloy ladder is a joint ladder that can adjust the ladder height freely, it is required to check if the clamp of each joint is intact or tight, and if the joint can be clamped to the right place accurately.
    3. If the flexible aluminum alloy ladder selected is a single-layer flexible ladder, it is required to check whether the rope can be pulled freely, and make sure that the ladder interface is not rusty.
    4. If you are going to choose the insulation ladder used for power maintenance, it is required to check if the lower surface has scratch or frothy trace.

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