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    How to Choose Food Dehydrators?

     Food dehydrators, also called food air dryer or fruit belly dehydrator. It is a machine that uses low temperature to air dry fruits, vegetables, herbs, meat, etc.

    food dehydrator fruits

    How to choose a good dried fruit machine?

    1. Select the material to reach food grade - as laminate, colorless and tasteless, so as to ensure that the family eat safe and secure.
    2. Drying food to be even, or a piece of scorched piece or wet, so not only a waste of time, but also no aesthetic.
    3. The food dehydrators noise is small - such as the 6 tray food dehydrator.
    4. Electricity consumption - choose one with energy-saving drying technology, low energy consumption more power saving.
    5. The temperature can be controlled and adjustable, you can adjust the temperature according to the food.
    6. Full function - can make dried fruit, tea, meat, herbs, etc. a machine multi-purpose.


    We recommend different numbers of trays of food dryer for your different need.

     Product  SKU Rated Power Trays Tray Dimension Poroduct Dimension Weight Price
    6 tray stainless steel food dehydrator T-FD-LT28 400 watt 6 285*200 mm 298*300*180 mm  4.7kg  $195.40
     8 tray stainless steel food dehydrator T-FD-LT82  400 watt 8 285*200 mm  360*300*360 mm  6.8kg $269.23 
    10 tray stainless steel food dehydrator T-FD-LT024 1000 watt 10 385*283 mm 464*402*440 mm   11.3kg  $373.70
    12 tray stainless steel food dehydrator T-FD-LT27 1000 watt 12 385*283 mm  464*402*440 mm 11.5kg   $423.08
    15 tray stainless steel food dehydrator  T-FD-LT88 1000 watt 15 490*370 mm 520*510*560 mm  19.2kg  $507.69 
    16 tray stainless steel food dehydrator T-FD-LT91 1000 watt 16 490*370 mm 520*510*670 mm   21.4kg  $577.93
    20 tray stainless steel food dehydrator T-FD-LT93 1500 watt 20 400*380 mm 530*420*821 mm   22kg  $766.15
    32 tray stainless steel food dehydrator T-FD-LT105 3000 watt 32 380*400 mm 930*550*795 mm   61.5kg $1,692.30 
    60 tray stainless steel food dehydrator T-FD-LT021 4500 watt 60 380*400 mm  1410*550*935 mm 92kg   $2,846.15

     Note: The dates in the table are just for your reference. If you want to get the latest quotation please leave your comment.

    Several other concerns you may concerned:

    • Q: Dried fruit can be baked to crisp it?
    • A: Basically no problem, but it is recommended to bake a little longer, not too thick slices.
    • Q: Can air dry meat, large bones class?
    • A: For animals, raw thin slices of pork and chicken breast can be air-dried, human consumption is recommended to cook and dry.
    • Q: Power consumption?
    • A: Power consumption is not large. Use a general less than 1 degree of electricity.
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