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    Measuring Wheel Price List

    Measuring wheel, is a construction measuring tool, formally called surveyor’s wheel. We also known as mechanical distance measuring car. The origin of measuring wheels dates back the 17th century and it is one of the oldest measuring tools still used today. Nowadays, measuring wheels use basic rotational kinematics mainly used for determining the distance between two points. On, we provide high quality measuring wheel and you can rest assured to buy the products on our website. We could give you the best price.

    Measuring Wheel Price List:

    Product SKU

    Wheel Diameter

    Folding Length

     6 to 160mm distance measuring wheel digital lcd  T-DMW-6  6 inch (160mm)  70cm  $73.89
     6 inch mechanical measuring wheel double wheel  T-DMW-6M02  6 inch (160mm)  48cm  $48.27
     6 inch mechanical measuring wheel single wheel  T-DMW-6M01  6 inch (160mm)  48cm  $39.45
     12 to 320mm distance measuring wheel digital lcd  T-DMW-12  12 inch (320mm)  70cm  $87.76
     12 inch distance measuring wheel mechanical gear  T-DMW-12M  12 inch (320mm)  48cm  $58.46

    Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want to get the latest quotation, please feel free to write a comment.

    Why Use Measuring Wheel?Measuring wheel usage

    • The measuring wheel can be used alone without assistance--for example, to hold a tape measure in place.
    • It is easier and quicker to measure longer distances with a measuring wheel than other measuring tools.
    • When using the measuring wheel, the measurement can be completed at one time. No separate measurement is required.
    • Some measuring wheel models allow the user to measure and mark simultaneously.
    • There is no limit to the distance that can be measured using the measuring wheel, as the tape measure will not run out.
    • They are extremely convenient to use! For example, measurements can be paused at any time in order to take notes.

    Guides For Select Measuring Wheel:

    • Wheel size. Wheels have different sizes. Small wheels are more suitable indoors, compact and store well. They can get you close to walls. For every yard or meter we measure, they will spin more times than larger wheels. Because the tires will wear out, using on rough surfaces will get less accurate. For outdoor utilities, larger wheels are better. They will rotate slower than small wheels, have less wear and can pass through rough surfaces better.
    • Trigger brake. When measuring uneven surfaces outdoors, braking is a valuable feature. If you cross the curb without braking, the wheels may continue to rotate, causing measurement errors. With a trigger brake, we can control the wheel. It is convenient for measuring. When complete, it also can holds measurement in place to prevent unexpected changes until you get it recorded.
    • Counter. There are many types of counters: digital counters and analog odometer wheel type counters. Counters can count in Feet and Inches, Meters and Centimeters, etc. Some counters have different number of wheels to measure the maximum distance they will measure. All counters have reset button. Some will be near the wheel, some on he handle, or some will be both.
    • Storage. Many measuring wheels can be folded for storage or have telescopic handles. If you store it in the back of a truck seat or car trunk, folding wheels can help it fit into a smaller space.
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