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    What is Laser Distance Meter?

    The laser distance meter is a measuring tool that accurately determines the distance of the target using a certain parameter of the modulated laser. The pulsed laser distance finder will emit a beam or a sequence of short pulsed laser beams to the target when it is working and receive the laser beam reflected by the target. Then the time from the launch to the reception of the laser beam will be measured by the timer, and the distance between the laser distance measure and the target will be calculated.

    When the power of the emitted laser beam is sufficient, the range of the laser distance meter can reach about 40 kilometers or more. It can operate day and night, but the distance and accuracy of the ranging will decrease when there are substances with high laser absorption rate in the space.

    As the price of laser distance meter is in drop continuously, it has been applied gradually in the industry. A number of new miniature distance meters with the advantages of fast ranging, small size, and reliable performance have emerged at home and abroad, which can be widely used in industrial measurement and control, mines, ports and other fields. The 80m laser distance meter100m laser distance meter on online store are produced based on these advantages.

    Detail of laser distance meter

    Laser is a new technology developed in the 1960s. It is a kind of light with pure color, high concentration energy and good directionality. A laser distance finder is a measuring tool that uses lasers for distance measurement. Its working principle is very simple. For example, we will measure the distance of the moon. If the time from the start of the laser emission to the reflection from the moon is 2.56 seconds, so the one-way time of the laser emission to the moon is equal to 1.28 seconds. The speed of the laser is the speed of light, which is equal to 300,000 kilometers per second. Therefore, the measured distance from the moon to the earth is the result of the one-way time multiplying speed of light, which is 384,000 kilometers. In order to emit and receive laser light and timing, the laser distance meter is composed of laser transmitter, receiver, clock frequency oscillator and distance counter. Laser distance measure can also be used to track and range artificial satellites, measure the altitude of aircraft, aim and measure the targets, and conduct terrain mapping and surveying.

    Laser distance measuring tool is consisted of hand-held laser distance meter and laser rangefinder.

    Hand-held laser distance meter: With measuring distance generally within 200 meters, and the accuracy within 2mm, it is currently the most widely used laser distance measure. It not only can measure the distance, but also can calculate the volume of the measured object.

    Cloud service laser distance meter: By transmitting the measurement data from the laser distance finder to mobile terminals such as mobile phones and tablets via bluetooth in real time, data can be transmitted to the cloud server through wifi networking. So the measurement data can be shared by remote construction partners in real time.

    Laser rangefinder: Its measurable distance is relatively far, with general measurement range from about 3.5 meters to 2000 meters. It also has maximum range of about 10 kilometers. Due to the collimation requirements for the laser rangefinder telescope, 3.5 meters below is regarded as the blind area of the laser rangefinder, and for the laser rangefinder with 2000 meters above, YAG laser will be used with a wavelength of 1.064 microns. In order to achieve a larger measuring range, the laser power is set mush larger, so it is advised for the users to pay attention to laser protection.

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    Other classification (The main application is outdoor medium and long distance measurement.)

    • One-dimensional laser distance meter is used for distance measurement and positioning.
    • Two-dimensional laser distance meter (scanning laser distance meter) is used for contour measurement, positioning, area monitoring and other fields.
    • 3D laser distance meter is used in 3D contour measurement, 3D space positioning and other fields.

    How to buy best laser distance meter?

    For you only need to measure the distance within a few meters or more than ten meters, and the accuracy requirements are not high, you are recommended to use an ultrasonic sensor distance meter.

    • Note: The measurement effect of the ultrasonic sensor distance meter is greatly affected by the environment, with poorer stability and directionality than that of the laser distance meter, but the price is relatively cheap and suitable for indoor measurement.

    If the measurement distance is not long, is mostly used indoors with high accuracy requirements, you are recommended to buy 40m laser distance meter.

    • Note: The hand-held 40m laser distance meter is most suitable for indoor use, and the measurement accuracy and effect are very good. When measuring outdoors, due to the influence of outdoor light pollution, the accuracy of the hand-held laser rangefinder has dropped significantly. (If the user needs to measure in an outdoor environment, it is recommended to be equipped with a professional laser sight and reflector in combination to achieve the expected range and effect.)
    • Note: The continuous output laser used by the laser rangefinder is visually in the red spectral range. When the eyes look at it straight, it may cause irreversible damage to the eyes.

    If you want it to measure long distance and it is mostly used for outdoor use, you are recommended to buy a laser rangefinder.

    Operation method of the laser distance meter

    1. Press the start/ measure key to turn on the laser distance meter.
    2. Press the plus or minus key to change the measurement reference edge as required (only valid for a single measurement), A--leading edge; B--instrument bracket; C--back edge.
    3. Aim at the target using laser, press the start/ measure key and record the measured value.
    4. After measuring, press the clear key until the initial screen appears, and at the same time press the plus and minus keys to turn off the laser distance finder.
    5. If there is no work instruction for 90 seconds, the laser distance measure will automatically shut down.
    6. Self calibration for the laser distance meter can be performed using the standard distance, and off/ set menu item can also used for calibration.
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