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    Oil Press Machine Price List

    Pressing method of oil extraction is the general physical process, using the pressure of the press chamber to squeeze out the oil and grease from the oil. The pressed oil ensures the characteristic aroma , nutrition, activity and flavor substances of the oil. For example, natural VC, sterols, 4-monomethyl sterols, vitamin E, high-carbon fatty alcohols and pigments, etc.

    Although the pressing method of oil extraction can ensure these trace beneficial components, but at the same time also retains a large number of impurities, such as microorganisms, toxins, suspended matter, etc., if not after a certain refining, usually not recommended for consumption; but for some oil, if after a real sense of cold pressing or once pressed, simple treatment due to the high quality of the oil itself, can also be unrefined. Oil press machines in are cold and hot automatic oil press machine so that you can get freshly extracted cooking oil easily.

    Oil Press Machine Price List

     Product  Power Oil press speed Dimension (L*W*H) Weight Price
    610w home mini oil press machine coldhotT-OPM-X1 610 watt  3.5~5.5 kg/h 450*180*305 mm  10kg $439.66

     750w automatic oil press machine coldhotT-OPM-K18

    750 watt 5~7.5 kg/h 500*180*300 mm  12kg $569.23
     1000w home commercial cold and hot oil press machineT-OPM-S8 1000 watt 6~9 kg/h 560*180*350 mm 16kg $767.80
     1200w commercial cold hot oil press machineT-OPM-S9 1200 watt 7.5~12.5 kg/h  560*200*380 mm 20kg $892.30 
     1500w commercial oil press machine coldhotT-OPM-S10 1500 watt 10~15 kg/h 670*240*420 mm  32kg $1,425.00 

    Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want to get the latest quotation, please feel free to write a comment.

    Advantages of oil press machine

    1. Simple operation, easy to use.
    2. Comprehensive function, can be applied to a variety of raw materials.
    3. Low cost of oil extraction, high oil yield, and pure oil, nutrient-rich.
    4. Health and safety.
    5. Silent, energy-saving, compact appearance.
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