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    Meat Grinders Price List

    The use of meat grinder is mainly to stir meat. In about 30 seconds you can grind 250g of meat into minced meat. Through different food with processing. According to your own creativity, you can also make burger trap, dumpling trap, bun trap and other food and so on.

    If you want to buy a meat grinder for kitchen, restaurant, supermarket, this 3/4 hp electric meat grinder is the most suitable one which can easily minced meat, chopped vegetables, fill sausage, low speed screw extrusion design, detachable accessories for easy cleaning, grind about 2.5 pounds of meat per minute. meat grinder meat trap

    Meat Grinders Wholesale Price List

    Picture SKU Motor Speed Weight Capacity Per Hour Price
    8 electric meat grinder sausage maker 34hp 150lbh T-MG-HR8 190 rpm 10kg 70 kg /150 lbs  $307.69
     12 electric meat grinder sausage stuffer 1hp 260lbh T-MG-HR12 200 rpm 20kg 120 kg /260 lbs $553.85
     22 electric meat grinder stainless steel 15hp 530lbh T-MG-HR22  210 rpm   25kg 240 kg /530 lbs  $699.81 
    32 heavy duty electric meat grinder 2hp 660lbh T-MG-HR32MD 230 rpm 27.5kg 300 kg /660 lbs  $1,169.23

     Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want to get the latest quotation, just click the picture. meat grinder precautions

    1. The electric meat grinder is designed with an incomparably sharp blade for grinding meat, so when cleaning the blade, please hold the middle shaft to avoid hurting your hand.
    2. When grinding, please be sure to avoid hitting such hard items as gum, so as not to damage the knife mouth of the electric meat grinder.
    3. There is a temperature-controlled protection switch in the electric meat grinder motor, the motor continuous work overheating, will automatically disconnect, to protect the motor from being burned, after the temperature drops, will automatically recover, so that the life of the machine can be a series of corresponding protection.
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