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    Difference Between Self Watering Pot and Plastic Plant Pot

    Flower pot is a kind of vessel for planting flowers, which is widely used in landscaping and plant landscape engineering. They are in various forms and sizes. We can choose the suitable flower pots according to the characteristics and needs of the flowers. Plastic flowerpot is a kind of flowerpot made of plastic. Compared with traditional porcelain flowerpot, watering times are less. The price is relatively cheap and durable.

    Garden flowers

    With the improvement of people's living standards, work has become more and more busy, and there is no time to take care of plants and flowers, so self watering pot has appeared in our lives. It is suitable for soil-less cultivation and soil cultivation, and has a national patent for effectively keeping the roots of potted plants moisturizing and breathable. Self watering pot has a double-layer structure. The upper layer is the planting area, and the lower layer is the water storage area. The water is transported to the upper layer through soft absorbent fibers. So what is the difference between self watering pot and plastic plant pot?

    Principle of water storage:

    The self watering pot only requires us to pour water into the flowerpot. The pot comes with a cotton rope that can provide enough water to the soil through the principle of penetration and water absorption. It can maintain the water needed by the plants even when traveling or traveling, so that the plants are better to feed. However, ordinary plastic plant pots are relatively troublesome and require us to frequently water them manually.

    Features of Self Watering Pot:Self watering pot

    • The creativity comes from nature, the design is novel, and the quality is superior.
    • Lightweight PP material allows us to get rid of the heavy troubles of ordinary flower pots.
    • High performance of anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet and anti-frost makes the flowerpot very durable both indoor and outdoor.
    • The clever insert design allows us to easily replace plants. It can save us time.
    • The self-irrigation function of the flowerpot to adapt to the rhythm of modern urban life. The controllable drainage at the bottom can prevent watering for a long time after adding water once, which can effectively avoid the impact on the indoor environment without the need for a tray.

    Features of Plastic Pot:Plastic pot

    • Plastic pots can be designed according to needs, with various shapes and colors.
    • The inside and outside of the pots are smooth and light. It is durable and not easily broken.
    • It is suitable for long-distance transportation, convenient to carry, and can be used for a long time.
    • Plastic plant pots are affordable, much cheaper than other types of pots, and highly practical.
    • Easy to clean. It can be cleaned by tap water.


    For self watering pots, the watering of the flowerpot should not exceed the water level of the planting basket, otherwise it is easy to cause the plant to be drowned.

                                                       Plant in self watering pot                           Flower in plastic pot

    For plastic plant pots, we can choose a smaller pot, which will relatively increase its water permeability. We can also make a drainage hole at the bottom, so that the water permeability is also good.

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