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    Car Vacuum Cleaner Price List

    To clean your love car, you will always have two choices: take it to an expensive car wash station or do the cleaning yourself. Take the long view, it's absolutely to do this by ourselves. But how to deal with the dust in the car that can not get clean? You only need a car vacuum cleaner, it can easily suck up all the dust in your car. In addition, it can also be used for vacuuming your desktop and sofa at home. By the way, you must be dazzled by so many car vacuum cleaners to choose, now please continue to look this article, hope it may help you choose the suitable car vacuum cleaner.

    Car Vacuum Cleaner Wholesale Price List

    Picture SKU Cordless Feature Price
    cordless car vacuum cleaner 3200pa 120w T-CVCL-C1 yes  3200Pa, 120W $60.93
     cordless car vacuum cleaner 4000pa 120w T-CVCL-C2 yes  4000Pa, 120W $61.09
     cordless car vacuum cleaner 4500pa 120w T-CVCL-C3 yes  4500Pa, 120W $62.98 
     12v car vacuum cleaner 4500pa 120w T-CVCL-D1 no  12V,  4500Pa, 120W $53.98
     12v car vacuum cleaner 5000pa 120w T-CVCL-D2 no  12V, 5000Pa, 120W $55.15
     ac 220v1400w automotive vacuum cleaner 20kpa 25l T-CVCL-A1 no  AC 220V/1400W, 20kPa, 25L $276.55
     220v1400w automotive vacuum cleaner 20kpa 30l T-CVCL-A2 no  220V/1400W, 20kPa, 30L $282.31

     Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want to get the latest quotation, just click the picture.

    How to choose car vacuum cleaner?

    • Appropriate power

    The power of a vacuum cleaner is different and so is the power consumption, depending on the size of the vehicle. Generally small cars can choose portable vacuum cleaners, large cars (suv), etc. should choose a larger style model vacuum cleaner.

    • Listen to the noise

    The noise of the vacuum cleaner shows how the quality of the vacuum cleaner, so when buying and selling, you should listen carefully to the noise, and try to choose the one with less noise, so that it will be more comfortable to use and feel at ease.

    • Pay attention to the suction power

    In the purchase of vacuum cleaners, suction power is a very important point, the size of suction power is related to the power, but the same power of the vacuum cleaner suction power size is not the same, in the purchase to actually operate the operation, so as to distinguish the difference in suction power.

    • Choose the right line length

    Car vacuum cleaners generally come with a standard line length of 2 meters, when buying according to the length of your vehicle. Many owners ignore the line length when buying, generally recommended line length is about 4.5 meters, it is enough to cope with almost all vehicles.

    • Ask the number of pieces of good accessories

    Some good vacuum cleaners will come with a variety of plugs of different lengths and sizes, which can absorb dirt from all corners of the car.

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