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    Sheep & Dog Clippers Wholesale Price List

    Sheep clippers and dog clippers are all shearing machine used in hair cutting for animals. Electric clipper is a simple power tool with compact and low price.

    The main components of electric hair clippers are blades, guards, combs and motors. Generally, electric hair clippers have a set of movable blades and a set of fixed blades. The movable blade grabs the sheep/dog/cat hair and moves it toward the fixed blade. When the hair is between the blades, it is cut off. The principle is similar to scissors and razors. Motor provides power for the moving mechanism. The moving mechanism moves blades back and forth, thereby shearing hair between the movable blade and the fixed blade.

    Sheep Clippers

    Sheep clippers are electric hair shearing equipment, which provide professional heavy-duty solutions for livestock maintenance in an economic cost. Through the cooperation of the sheep shearing clipper's motor, shearing blades, guards and combs, large amounts of wool can be cut safely and effectively.

    Benefits of using a Sheep Clipper

    • Compared to hand sheep shears, electric sheep shearing clippers simplify the process of harvesting and preparing wool, which maximize efficiency but minimize the machine price.
    • Electric sheep shearing clippers are good for animal health and promote the regeneration of new wool for the next season.
    • Electric sheep shearing clippers can effectively control the amount of excess wool, provide a clean environment for your sheep, goats and lambs.

    Here is the price list for electric sheep shearing clippers in We provide professional sheep hair clippers with various motor power, corded or cordless (battery powered) type for selection. You can get the best electric sheep shearing clippers with wholesale price.

    Electric Sheep Shearing Clippers Wholesale Price List

    Sheep Clippers Price List

    Corded Sheep Clippers

    Product Name SKU No-Load Speed Rated Power Price
    350W/500W 2800 rpm Electric Sheep Shearing Clippers T-ESS-350500 2800 rpm 350W $129.38
    500W $179.84
    450W 2400 rpm Electric Sheep Shearing Clippers T-ESS-450 2400 rpm 450W $138.15
    690W 2400 rpm Electric Sheep Shearing Clippers T-ESS-690 2400 rpm 690W $144.31
    750W/850W 2800 rpm Electric Sheep Shearing Clippers T-ESS-750850 2800 rpm 750W $143.54
    850W $170.62
    1000W 3000 rpm Electric Sheep Shearing Clippers T-ESS-1000 3000 rpm 1000W $138.31

    Cordless Sheep Clippers

    Product Name SKU No-Load Speed Rated Power Battery Price
    500W 12V Cordless Sheep Shearing Clippers T-ESS-50012 2400 rpm 500W 12V, 4400mAh $322.92
    280W 18V Cordless Sheep Shearing Clippers T-ESS-28018 2400 rpm 280W 18V, 4400mAh $324.31

    Dog Clippers

    Dog clippers are common pet grooming tools. In addition to cutting hair for dogs and cats, they are also used as hair trimmers. Dog grooming usually includes full body hair shearing, partial hair trimming, nail trimming, dog/cat claw care and so on. Buying a good professional dog clipper can not only save expensive grooming shop cost, but also benefit the health of dogs and cats.

    Dog Clippers Selection

    • Corded or Cordless

    Usually, a corded dog clipper can shear thick and matted dog coat, but your working area is limited to the socket, which is not the most convenient. Cordless dog clippers are powered by rechargeable battery. If your dog cannot stay still during shearing, a cordless dog clipper is the best choice.

    • Single Speed or Variable Speed

    Single-speed dog clippers have easy operation and low price, suitable for novice in pet grooming. Variable speed dog clippers can provide 2-speed or 3-speed, suitable for dogs with various hair thicknesses.

    • Blades

    Common dog clippers blade materials are ceramic and stainless steel. Ceramic blades are more durable than stainless steel blades. All-ceramic blades have high price, so many dog clippers blades use a combination of ceramic and stainless steel to achieve the lowest cost.

    • Combs

    Dog clippers with limit combs can trim dogs with different lengths of hair, and at the same time play a buffering role between blade and skin, which is safer.

    • Noise

    During the shearing process, the noise from machine may make dogs feel anxious and unable to calm down. Silent dog clippers or dog clippers with low noise allows you to trim your pet's hair when it is asleep, saving you trouble.

    Cordless Dog Clippers Wholesale Price List

    Dog Clippers Price List

    Product Name SKU Battery Speed Control Speed Rated Power Price
    3.7V 10W 4 in 1 Cordless Dog Clippers, 3-Speed T-ESS-3710 3.7V 800mAh 3-speed 5000/5500/6000 rpm 10W $57.23
    3.7V 15W Cordless Dog Clippers T-ESS-3715 3.7V 2000mAh Constant speed 6200 rpm 15W $59.78
    3.7V 800mAh Constant speed 5500 rpm 8W $47.69
    3.7V 8W Cordless Dog Clippers, 3-Speed T-ESS-378 3.7V 800mAh 3-speed 5000/5500/6000 rpm 8W $49.23
    4.8V/3.7V 12W Cordless Dog Clippers, 2-Speed T-ESS-4812 3.7V 2000mAh 2-speed 6000/7000 rpm 10-12W $58.46
    4.8V 900mAh Constant speed 6800 rpm 10-12W $59.69
    12V 12W Electric Dog Clippers T-ESS-1212 12V Constant speed 7600 rpm 10-12W $85.69

    Applicable Pets

    • Large Dogs: labradoodle, schnauzers, golden retriever, goldendoodle, etc.
    • Small Dogs: Poodles, cockapoo, goldendoodle, Shih Tzu, Maltese, bichon frisé, Yorkie, cocker spaniel, Pomeranians, etc.
    • Cats: Angora, Norwegian Forest Cat, etc.

    The above are price lists of our professional sheep clippers and dog clippers, welcome to buy the best electric animal hair clippers by wholesale. Please visit the catalog Sheep & Dog Clippers for more information.

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