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    Plant Trays Price List

    The plant trays (also called seed trays) is an important garden tool in the factory seedling production process, which provides a guarantee for the rapid and mass production of garden seedlings. The following is the wholesale price list of plant trays on We provide lower cost plant growing trays of different thicknesses and sizes. Here you can choose the thickness from 0.4mm to 1.2mm, or choose from 15 holes/ 72 holes/ 128 holes/ 200 holes/ 288 holes. At the same time, there are many types of plant starter trays for wholesale, which are used for the cultivation and transportation of succulents.

    Plant Trays Wholesale Price List

    Product SKU Selectable Thickness Pieces/ Set Material Wholesale Price

    3x5 plant growing trays 100 pcs

    3x5 Plant Growing Trays, 100 pcs

    T-XQ15 0.7-1.2mm 100-150 PS $185.62

    6x12 plant growing trays 100 piece

    6x12 Plant Growing Trays, 100-piece

    T-XQB72A 0.4-1.0mm 100-250 PS $180.00

    8x16 100 piece

    8x16 Plant Growing Trays, 100 Piece

    T-XQB128 0.5-1.0mm 100-200 PS $178.08

    10x20 100pcs set

    10x20 Plant Growing Trays, 100pcs/ Set

    T-XS200A 0.7-1.0mm 100-150 PS $181.83

    12x24 100 pieces

    12x24 Plant Growing Trays, 100 Pieces

    T-XS288A 0.7-1.0mm 100-150 PS $182.16

    plant starter trays 50pcs set

    Plant Starter Trays, 50pcs/ Set

    T-FY590A - 50 PP $141.36

    seed sprouting trays 50 piece

    Seed Sprouting Trays, 50-piece

    T-FZ - 25-50 PP $158.30

    There are two manufacturing methods to produce seed growing trays, blow molding and injection molding. The materials for making seedling trays generally include polystyrene foam, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride and polypropylene. The plant seedling trays of general vegetables and ornamental plants are made of polystyrene material. And the plant growing trays for wholesale on are made of high quality PP and PS material. The use of seedling trays has the following advantages: Reduced seed consumption, rapid emergence of seedlings; neat and short emergence of seedlings; convenient centralized management of seedlings, saving labor; high seedling survival rate. Now buy 50 or 100 pieces plant growing trays at good price, they can reach your hands intact even it is long-distance transportation.

    Plant trays


    1. The small holes at the bottom of the plant sprouting trays can not be plugged. If the substrate is used with peat soil, it will not leak out. If using the powdering soil, you can first level the ground, and it is best to spread a layer of plastic film. Put the seedling trays on the ground (film) and then fill the soil, with a bar to scrape the soil flat, then you can sow.
    2. When using the plant seed trays, do not water directly from above the substrate, or the seeds are easily washed out and the watering is not even. The best way is to use the small holes at the bottom of the seed trays to automatically suck up water. This method saves time, effort and is safe: The borders for seedlings should be made horizontal and the surroundings are made of weirs. When watered, the soil in the trays will soon become wet.

    The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want to get the latest quotation, please leave your comment.

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