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    Buy Air Nipper & Crimper at Best Price in China

    When buying air nippers/ air crimpers, people in China usually pay great attention to the prices, manufacturers, specifications, etc. in order to get the best one. Now has already compiled the air scissors & pneumatic crimpers best price list online, so that you can experience the ease of shopping. In China, the functions of air nipper & air crimper are different. If you want to cut copper wire, iron wire, soft and hard plastic, we have wholesale price air scissors with cutting capacity of 1.0mm-3.3mm, 2.5mm-12mm, etc. If you need help with terminal crimping, you can buy air crimpers with cutting capacity of 1.25-8mm. Get more information from the air nipper & air crimper wholesale price list before buying.

    Air nipper is an automatic shearing pneumatic tool that uses compressed air as the power and uses solenoid valves to control pneumatic switches. Air scissors are mainly used in industries, such as cutting thin metal plates, trimming linear materials and cutting plastic nozzles, electronic feet, winding machines, etc.

    Best price air nippers in China

    How to choose the best pneumatic nipper?
    1. Before buying a pneumatic nipper, we must confirm the material of the product to be cut. Because the pneumatic scissors for cutting metal wires and plastic nozzles are not universal, otherwise it will have a serious impact on the service life of the air nipper blades. In China, most of the materials that customers want to cut are nothing more than metal wires or plastic products:

    The categories of metal wire:

    • Copper: Copper wire, aluminum wire, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, and other soft non-ferrous metals (For example: Bright wire, enameled wire, etc.)
    • Iron: White iron wire, galvanized iron wire, ordinary iron wire, iron sheet, iron bar, etc.
    • Steel: Stainless steel wire, steel wire, spring wire, piano steel wire, etc. (For example: 201, 301, 303, 304, 316 stainless steel wire, etc.)

    2. Confirm the cutting capacity of the pneumatic scissors you need.

    Air crimper, also known as pneumatic terminal crimper, is an air tool that uses compressed air for impact motion. General pneumatic crimpers are mainly composed of main parts such as power output part, operation form conversion part, intake and exhaust path part, operation start and stop control part, and tool housing. Of course, the operation of the pneumatic crimping tool must also have an energy supply part, an air filter part, an air pressure adjustment part and tool accessories.

    Best price air crimpers in China

    Advantages of air crimper tool

    1. It can be used in explosive, corrosive, high temperature and humid working environment.
    2. The structure is simple, durable and relatively easy to maintain.
    3. Large output torque, light weight and high efficiency.

    Disadvantages of air crimper tool

    1. It is necessary to equip an air compressor as an energy supply, which has high maintenance cost.
    2. High air tightness is required, and cylinder parts cannot be damaged or aged.
    3. Without the flexibility of manual crimper and electric crimper, it cannot be carried with you.

    Best Air Nipper & Crimper Price List in China

    Product Name SKU Maximum Cutting Capacity Air Consumption Air Pressure Wholesale Price
    Air Nipper, Cutting 1.0mm Copper Wire T-HS5-S2S

    1.0mm Copper Wire

    0.5mm Iron Wire

    64cm³/ cycle 73-87psi $113.77
    Air Nipper, Cutting 1.6mm Copper Wire T-HS10-S4

    1.6mm Copper Wire

    1.0mm Iron Wire

    116cm³/ cycle 59-72psi $120.31
    Air Nipper, Cutting 2.6mm Copper Wire T-HS20-S5

    2.6mm Copper Wire

    2.0mm Iron Wire

    1.6mm Soft Stainless Steel Wire

    230cm³/ cycle 73-87psi $132.91
    Air Nipper, Cutting 3.3mm Copper Wire T-HS30-S7P

    3.3mm Copper Wire

    2.8mm Iron Wire

    2.0mm Soft Stainless Steel Wire

    584cm³/ cycle 73-87psi $177.06
    Air Nipper, Cutting 2.5mm Soft Plastic T-HS5-F1

    2.5mm Soft Plastic

    2.0mm Hard Plastic

    64cm³/ cycle 73-87psi $136.65
    Air Nipper, Cutting 4mm Soft Plastic T-HS10-F3

    4mm Soft Plastic

    3mm Hard Plastic

    116cm³/ cycle 59-72psi $150.38
    Air Nipper, Cutting 8mm Soft Plastic T-HS20-F5

    8mm Soft Plastic

    7mm Hard Plastic

    230cm³/ cycle 73-87psi $153.59
    Air Nipper, Cutting 10mm Soft Plastic T-FP10F

    10mm Soft Plastic

    8mm Hard Plastic

    584cm³/ cycle 73-87psi $232.64
    Air Nipper, Cutting 12mm Soft Plastic T-HS30-F9P

    12mm Soft Plastic

    10mm Hard Plastic

    584cm³/ cycle 73-87psi $220.22
    8mm Air Crimper Tool T-KP-772 8mm 585cm³/ cycle 87psi $161.43
    2-5.5mm Air Crimper Tool T-KP-773 2.0-5.5mm 585cm³/ cycle 88-116psi $152.93
    1.25-2.0-5.5mm Air Crimper Tool T-KP-774 1.25-2.0-5.5mm 585cm³/ cycle 87psi $197.98

    Maintenance of air nipper & crimper

    1. Please add high-quality special oil for air tools before daily work to fully moisturize the cylinders, blades, bearings, etc. of the air nippers and air crimper tools, so that the pneumatic scissors and pneumatic crimping tools are in an ideal working state. Another purpose of adding special oil for air tools is to take the debris worn down during high-speed operation and the impurities transported in by the air pipe out of the air shears & pneumatic crimping tools. Avoid adding engine oil, gasoline, diesel and other unsuitable oils to avoid unnecessary damage to the air scissors & air crimpers.
    2. Clean the moisture and impurities in the air source in time to avoid damaging the air nipper & pneumatic crimper.
    3. When not using the pneumatic cutter & air crimping pliers, please clean off the sticking dust to extend the service life of the tools.
    4. Replace worn bearings or front guide wheels in time to facilitate normal use.
    5. The air nippers & air crimpers need to be handled gently, do not throw them away, so as not to cause unnecessary damage.

    The method of adding special oil for pneumatic tools: Before lubricating, unplug the air source on the air nipper/ crimper tool, hold the air nipper tool/ pneumatic crimper tool in one hand and press the trigger at the same time, and turn the air inlet joint up. With the other hand, drip the special oil for pneumatic tools (usually 5cc, depending on the size of the air cutter/ air crimper) along the air inlet joint, press down the trigger and add 3-5cc special oil for air tools from the air inlet oil. Connect the air scissors/ air crimping tool to the air source, and wrap a rag on the tool exhaust port, press the trigger, and let the air nipper/ pneumatic crimper run freely for 30 seconds, then it can start normal work.

    Note: If you are not sure which one will work best for your needs or have questions about shipping and bulk ordering, contact us for assistance.

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