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    Electric Pruning Shears Price in China

    The wholesale price list of electric pruning shears on is provided below. In China, electric garden pruning shears are one of the commonly used electric garden tools, which is suitable for pruning branches and leaves of fruit trees, gardens, mulberries, grapes, etc. Compared with traditional hand pruners, electric pruning shears have the advantages of higher efficiency, better durability, higher construction quality, and good safety protection performance. The battery powered pruning shears on have low prices and good quality. You can buy 14V, 16.8V, 18V, 21V, 36V and 48V rechargeable electric pruners here. You can also choose the best electric pruning scissors with a cutting diameter of 25mm-45mm. The package contains a charger and battery. The electric pruning shears for wholesale in China have fast charging speed and can work for 3-4 hours each time they are fully charged, which can meet the requirements of long garden pruning work. Now buy best price electric pruning shears from

    Electric Pruning Shears Wholesale Price List in China

    Product Name SKU Rated Voltage Cutting Diameter Wholesale Price
    14V Electric Pruning Shears, 25mm T-EPS-1601 14V 25mm $91.47
    16.8V Electric Pruning Shears T-DR168 16.8V 30mm $155.94
    18V Electric Pruning Shears, 32mm T-EPS-2001 18V 32mm $118.67
    21V Electric Pruning Shears T-DR21 21V 30mm $176.87
    36V Electric Pruning Shears, 45mm T-EPS-4002 36V 45mm $167.40
    48V Electric Pruning Shears T-JD1 48V 30mm $188.11

    Tips: How to use electric pruning shears safely?

    Electric pruning shears

    Electric pruning shears are not only more laborious when used in a wrong way, but also may affect the service life. Therefore, when using battery operated pruning shears, pay attention to:

    • When using electric pruning shears and accessories, follow the instructions for use, and also consider the working environment and the content of the work to be completed. If the electric pruning scissors are used in operations that do not meet the requirements for use, it may cause danger.
    • People have to be trained to use electric pruners. It is very dangerous for people who are not familiar with electric pruners.
    • Don't cut branches that exceed the working capacity of the electric tree pruner, and don't cut non-plant materials such as metal and stones that are too hard. If the scissors blades are worn or damaged, please replace the blades in time.
    • The electric tree pruner should be kept clean before and after use. Clean the electric pruning shears, battery and charger with a clean cloth. Use a soft brush or dry cloth to clean the dust on the scissors blade. Do not use any corrosive or solvent-based cleaners.
    • The electric garden shears should be used correctly according to the instructions. Do not use when the body, battery or charger is damaged. Do not immerse battery powered pruner, batteries, and chargers in any liquid.
    • Ensure that the switch is turned off when adjusting, replacing accessories or storing the electric pruning shears to avoid the danger of accidental start.
    • Idle electric pruner should be stored out of reach of children.
    • After using the electric pruning shears, remove the dirt from the movable blade and the fixed blade first, and then apply lubricating oil or engine oil to the contact part to keep the scissors blade in a normal maintenance state, which can reduce resistance and extend the service life of the blade.

    Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want to get the latest quotation, please contact us now.

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