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    FAQ - Laser Distance Meter

    1. What is the working principle for laser distance meter?

    Laser distance meters generally use two methods to measure distance: Pulse method and phase method.Best laser distance meter for sale

    The process of pulsed laser ranging is as the follows: The laser light emitted by the laser distance meter is reflected by the object and then received by the laser distance meter, and the round-trip time of the laser will be recorded by the laser distance measurer. So the distance between the laser distance finder and the object can be measured by the speed of light being multiplied by the round-trip time. The accuracy of pulse method measuring distance is generally about ±1 meter. In addition, the measurement blind zone of this type of laser rangefinder is generally about 15 meters.

    The phase laser distance meter is to use the frequency of the radio wave band to modulate the amplitude of the laser beam and measure the phase delay produced by the modulated light to and from the measuring line. Then the distance can be converted from the phase delay according to the wavelength of the modulated light. That is, measure the time required for the light to pass through the line in an indirect way. Since the accuracy of the phase laser rangefinder is generally millimeters, so in order to obtain an effective reflection signal and limit the measured target to a fixed point commensurate with its accuracy, it is equipped with a reflector with the cooperation target.

    2. What is the 100m laser distance meter applied for?

    The 100m laser distance meter for wholesale on has been widely used in the following fields: Electricity, water conservancy, communications, environment, construction, geology, police, fire protection, blasting, navigation, railways, anti-terrorism/ military, agriculture, forestry, real estate, leisure/ outdoor sports, etc.

    3. Is laser distance meter safe?

    As the name suggests, the laser distance finder uses laser as the main working material to work. At present, the working materials for handheld laser distance finders on the market mainly include the following types: Semiconductor lasers with working wavelengths of 905 nanometers and 1540 nanometers, and YAG lasers with working wavelengths of 1064 nanometers. The wavelength of 1064 nanometers is harmful to human skin and eyes, so the damage to the eyes may be permanent if the eyes are accidentally exposed to it. Therefore, many countries have cancelled the production of such laser distance meters. For the 905 nm and 1540 nm laser distance meters, we call them "safe". For the 1064nm laser rangefinder, we call it "unsafe" due to its potential harm to the human body.

    4. How to use laser distance meter safely?

    As the laser distance meters use lasers for distance measurement, and the pulsed laser beam is a monochromatic light source with very concentrated energy, so do not aim your eyes at the launch port when using them and do not use a telescope to observe the smooth reflecting surface, so as not to hurt people's eyes. Be sure to perform the measurement in accordance with the safe operation specifications in the manual of the laser distance meter on During field measurement, please do not directly aim the launching port of the instrument at the sun to avoid burning the photosensitive element of the instrument.

    5. What can laser distance meters do in traffic?

    Nowadays, the laser distance measurers, which can effectively improve the efficiency and accuracy of traffic accident site surveys, have been widely used in traffic police handling cases. This indicates that traffic police have stop using the backward way to handle traffic accident scenes. The traffic police can obtain the traffic accident scene data quickly by pressing the laser distance meter aiming to the target. As an auxiliary equipment of the traffic accident, it can input the site measurement data and related information into the portable computer through bluetooth wireless communication, and quickly make the scale map the standardized and accurate traffic accident site and auto generate the onsite investigation record based on the computer's high-speed data calculation and graphics processing functions .This improves the measurement speed and accuracy greatly.

    Laser distance meter measurements

    6. What can hand-held laser distance meters do in the house measurement?

    Housing measurement has always been a troublesome work for the housing management department. The house survey area map has been directly used as a drawing of the title certificate and has legal effect. It is not only directly facing the people, but also directly related to the people's economic interests, so the control of house measurement errors is particularly important. In the past, the building area and usable area are measured with a tape or steel tape. Although it can also meet the basic requirements, but there are large errors in long-distance measurement, floor height measurement, and measurement of difficult-to-reach locations, and has disadvantages of labor intensity and complicated work. With the rapid development of high-tech today, such primitive and traditional measurement methods are clearly failed to meet the fast and efficient requirements of today's information society. For this reason, after having used it for several months, handheld laser distance meter from are generally believed suitable for the measurement of buildings with complex structures, middle and high floors, and long distances. They have the advantages of easy use, accurate measurement data (3mm accuracy), high work efficiency (non-contact measurement), etc. They can reduce surveying errors, and ensure the accurate are measurement that makes the owner more convinced. Buy 60m laser distance meter and 80m laser distance meter online now, and they can fully meet your needs.

    We introduce some common problems taking the laser distance meter on as an example. The functions of hand-held laser distance meters produced by different manufacturers are slightly different, but as long as you read the manual carefully, you can make the them to play a full play in building area measurement and other precision engineering surveys.

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