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    Garden Tool Sets Price List

    Horticultural crops usually include fruit trees, vegetables, various ornamental plants, spice plants and medicinal plants, etc. It is mainly divided into three categories: fruit trees, vegetables and ornamental plants. Everyone could be familiar with garden tools. It is the maintenance equipment for human green landscape. It takes the maintenance of lawns, hedges, and the protection of flowers and trees as the objects of operation, and replaces most of the mechanized tools represented by manual labor. Many families will basically have a set of garden tools. You can purchase many types of garden tool sets on Tool. High quality and best prices garden tool sets will provide for you.

    Garden Tool Sets Price List:

    Product SKU

    Material of Bag


     Garden tools set 3 piece  T-GTS-002  Iron  1.5Kg  $49.62
     Kids gardening tools set 5 piece  T-GTS-007  Iron  1.5Kg  $49.62
     Garden hand tools set 7 piece  T-GTS-5004  Oxford Cloth  3Kg  $101.53
     Garden hand tools set 9 piece  T-GTS-78  Oxford Cloth  5Kg  $101.53
     Womens gardening set gift 10 piece  T-GTS-006  Plastic 3Kg   $101.53
     Garden tools gift set 10 piece  T-GTS-003  Plastic  3Kg  $101.53
     Garden tools set 10 piece  T-GTS-004  Plastic  3Kg  $101.53

    Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want to get the latest quotation, please feel free to write a comment.

    What are the Forms of Gardening?

    • Grow Flower. Flowers are symbols of happiness, auspiciousness, and friendship, and they are messengers that beautify people’s lives. Because the potted flowers are flexible to move and easy to manage, they are more suitable for family planting.How to choose suitable flowers for planting is a question that should be considered at the beginning of planting. The most important thing when choosing is to be clear about your preferences.
    • Flower arranging. Flower arranging is a connotative art, which can not only beautify the home environment and enrich daily life, but also refresh the spirit, cultivate sentiment, and give people a sense of joy and warmth. Flower arranging art originates from nature, but it is higher than nature. Integrating nature, art, literature, history, and ideological interest into one. It has increasingly become a professional skill that symbolizes civilization and lifestyle.
    • Bonsai making. Bonsai is a lively art of life. With the change of the art season, it shows the pure and beautiful charm of nature. Bonsai production only discusses the purpose and use of the entire modeling design, masters the atmosphere, creates it in line with the environment, and achieves the design goals with its connotation and charm. Only by adapting the flowers and trees to the local conditions, the combination of flowers and containers can be considered as perfect works.

                                                         Flower          Bonsai making

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