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    Grain Mills Price List

    Grain mill is generally used in a variety of grain health, because of its technical parameters, output, continuous working time are much better than the household powder machine, more be applicated in commercial such as supermarkets grain by the area of auxiliary processing.

    When choosing a grinder, it's better to choose the brand, good function, such as this high speed electric grain mill which can process walnuts, sesame, corn and a variety of soy products and oats and other grains, but also can grind a variety of Chinese herbal medicine powder and coffee, etc. 400g in 5 minutes, the use of multi-functional and convenient, the suitable price, is your best choice of home grain mill.

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    Grain Mills Price List

    Picture SKU Capacity Weight Dimension (L*W*H) Price
    high speed electric grain mill grinder T-GM-HR02A 100g 2.4kg 165*138*335mm $115.38
    200g 3.5kg 178*162*361mm $176.97
    400g 4.5kg 196*196*394mm $215.36
    high speed swing type electric grain grinder T-GM-HR10B 300g 4.7kg 190*130*330mm $215.49
    500g 6.2kg 190*170*370mm $298.01
    1000g 7.3kg 212*190*390mm $346.24
    1500g 7.3kg 212*190*390mm $395.05
    2000g 11kg 245*200*390mm $511.78
    2500g 12kg 250*200*405mm $597.01
     stainless steel electric grain mill T-GM-HR1500 20~40 kg/h (44~88 lb/hr) 42kg 600*280*415mm $1,192.31 
    commercial stainless steel grain grinder T-GM-HR2200 30~50 kg/h (66~110 lb/hr)  27.5kg 300 kg /660 lbs  $1,169.23
     heavy duty electric grain mill grinder T-GM-HR3000 50~60 kg/h (110~132 lb/hr)   55kg 600*320*440mm  $1,553.08 
     commercial electric grain mill T-GM-HR3600  60~80 kg/h (132~176 lb/hr) 63kg  600*320*440mm  $1,982.76 

     Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want to get the latest quotation, click the picture.



    1. For the personal safety, the power supply must be grounded.
    2. The crushed material must be dry, not suitable for processing wet and greasy food.
    3. Do not crush more than half of the capacity of the crushing tank.
    4. General beans crushing only half a minute, hard drugs crushed in one minute can be.
    5. The machine can not be used continuously for a long time, each time the machine is turned on for no more than 5 minutes. If the number of processing is large, should be used at intervals to prevent the bearings from overheating and damage to the motor.
    6. The upper cover is open, do not start the switch.
    7. After long-term use, carbon brushes and blades such as serious wear, need to be replaced.
    8. Often check the screws of the blade, must be tightened.
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