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    Bench Grinder Price List

    Bench grinder is a powerful and portable grinding machine, which is fixed on a workbench or other table. Bench grinder is used to sharpen tools or metal parts, such as cutter heads and chisels, and it is also used to rough metal before welding. Compared to traditional whetstones and other old-fashioned tools, bench grinder can grind tools faster and remove rust spots on steel products. Bench grinder usually has two wheel holders to install wheels of different or the same material. For most bench grinders, the grinding wheel can be replaced with a metal brush wheel (used to clean metal connectors and spark plugs) or a polishing wheel (used to make metal or plastic surfaces shine beautifully).

    Benefits of Bench Grinder

    • Multifunction. A powerful bench grinder can be used for a variety of tasks. You need only install different grinding wheels, Bench Grindersthe bench grinder can be used for tasks such as grinding, polishing, milling and sharpening.
    • Easy to control. If your work requires high precision, bench grinder is the best choice. Compared with other types of grinding machines, bench grinder can provide better accuracy control.
    • Easy to use. Bench grinder is compact, very easy to operate, and maintenance is not a big problem. Even DIY users can easily control it.
    • Affordable price. Bench grinder allows you to complete the grinding work without spending a lot of costs, it will have enough power to complete many different grinding tasks.

    Grinding Wheel of the Bench Grinder

    Grinding wheel with diameter of 6 inch or 8 inch is the most common bench grinder sizes.

    • 6 inch bench grinder is usually a small grinding machine with a slightly lower price. It is used to grind various tools, blades and parts. You can also use bolt to fix it on workbench or use it as a portable tool.
    • 8 inch bench grinder is usually equipped with a more powerful motor to meet the needs of professional mechanics or woodworking. Its purpose is to be used in mass production, can be used in professional workshops, and the price is relatively high.

    The following is the latest price list of bench grinder in 5 specifications of grinding wheels are available: 5 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch, which can satisfy either amateur DIY or professional industrial production. Please visit the product page to get more information.

    Bench Grinder Price List

    Product Name SKU Wheel Diameter Rated Power Price
    5" Bench Grinder, 1/5 HP, 0.7A T-BGD-125 5 Inch (125mm) 1/5 HP (150W) $219.97
    6" Bench Grinder, 1/3 HP, 1.1A T-BGD-150 6 Inch (150mm) 1/3 HP (250W) $339.85
    8" Bench Grinder, 2/3 HP, 1.3A T-BGD-200 8 Inch (200mm) 2/3 HP (500W) $436.46
    10" Bench Grinder, 1 HP, 2A T-BGD-250 10 Inch (250mm) 1 HP (750W) $668.77
    2 HP (1500W) $796.15
    12" Bench Grinder, 2 HP, 4A T-BGD-300 12 Inch (300mm) 2 HP (1,500W) $1,669.97

    Tips for Bench Grinder Installation

    When using bench grinder to grind or sharpen tools and parts, it is best to install it on a workbench with enough space to maintain stability during operation. The bench grinder itself is very heavy, with mounting holes on its base, and bolts can be used to fix bench grinder on the workbench.

    1. Place the bench grinder in the desired position on the workbench. Then according to the positions of the four bottom holes of the bench grinder, use a pencil to mark the four points on the workbench.
    2. Use a drill to get through these four marks.
    3. Insert bolts into the bottom hole of the bench grinder and the hole drilled on the workbench, then use nuts to secure the bolt in place. Installation is completed.
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