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    How to Use an Air Nailer Correctly?

    Nowadays, air nailers are used in many industries. As this air tool appearing in more fields, the price of it has also attracted the attention of businesses in various industries. The air nail gun is an essential tool for many enterprises, it can not only fasten a lot of products, but also make a lot of metal or wood fix on the wall. It is also used for home decoration. In addition, you can loading nails according to the instruction in order to use the air nailer better.

    How to use an air nail gun correctly?

    • Maintain a stable and proper air pressure15 Degree Air Coil Siding Nailer
    1. Before use, adjust the air pressure according to the material of the object and the size of the nail. Set the low pressure first and gradually increase it until to achieve satisfactory nailing effect. The air pressure must not exceed the specified pressure, otherwise it may damage this air tool. Keep the stable air pressure when fast nailing, otherwise the nail gun cannot be used continuously.
    2. The air nailer requires dry and dust-free compressed air. Oxygen and any flammable gases are strictly prohibited to avoid accidental injury.
    3. Don’t press the trigger if the air nail gun has connected to the air hose unless you are nailing, because idling will cause accidental damage.
    4. After use, be sure to separate the pressure hose from the air nailer.
    5. If multiple nail guns share with an air compressor, the capacity of the air compressor must match them, otherwise it will cause insufficient air pressure.
    • Use the lubricating oil correctly

    It is necessary to regularly use small amount of lubricating oil for maintaining the working performance of the air nail gun. Before use, filling a few drops of lubricating oil can extend the air tool’s life span. However, don not use clean oil or normal oil with any additives, because they will damage the internal parts.

    • Use air filter and oil-water separator

    The water and dust in the compressed air will easily wear out the air nail gun, so it must be equipped with a filter to keep the water clean and dry. The filter need to be cleaned regularly. If the filter is blocked, the air pressure will reduce to influence the air tool’s performance.

    • Used in cold weather

    In cold weather, it is recommended to use winter lubricating oil and antifreeze to effectively protect air tools.

    • Precautions
    1. Please wear protective glasses when working.
    2. Don’t point the nail outlet to anyone and don’t press the trigger when you are loading the nails.
    3. Don’t use the air nailer as a hammer.
    4. Don’t use the air nail gun if it is air leakage.
    5. Don’t use the air nailer standing on the shelves and ladders.
    6. It is forbidden to nail more than two nails in the same position, in case the second nail hit the first nail spattering on the nail head.
    7. Clean your working area frequently to avoid personal injury caused by the disordered site.
    8. When using any air tool, warning signs should be placed in obvious places at the work site to remind the workers not to forget safe operation at all times.

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