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    Air Nailer & Stapler Price List

    Air nailers & staplers are kinds of pneumatic nailing equipment used in construction, decoration, packaging, furniture production and other fields. Powered by compressed air, they drive the nails and staples at high speed using the principle of the impact cylinder. Air nailers and air staplers use safe air pressure inside, which will not discharge any pollutants in the air outlet. With the linkage safety fuse device, they are high-speed automation tool of safety and environmental protection. The prices of pneumatic nail guns and staple guns at online shop are affordable, generally, the price increases as the thickness of nails or staples they accept increases. You can select 15° air coil siding nailer, 14 gauge air concrete T nailer, 16 gauge air finish nailer, 18 gauge air brad nailer, 23 gauge air pin nailer, 16 gauge medium crown air stapler, 18 gauge narrow crown air stapler, 20 gauge narrow crown air stapler, 21 gauge medium crown air stapler, 22 gauge narrow crown air stapler according to your needs. The latest price list of air nailer & stapler is in the table below for your reference. air nailer & stapler latest price list

    Product Name SKU Nail/Staple Thickness Staple Crown Price
    15° Air Coil Siding Nailer T-ACSN-55 2.1 - 2.3mm - $414.03
    T-ACSN-70 2.3 - 2.9mm - $483.65
    14 Gauge Air Concrete T Nailer T-ACN-14G 14 Gauge, (2.2mm) - $169.99
    16 Gauge Air Finish Nailer T-AFN-16G 16 Gauge, (1.6mm * 1.4mm) - $126.85
    18 Gauge Air Brad Nailer T-ABN-18G 18 Gauge, (1.25mm * 1.05mm) - $82.86
    23 Gauge Air Pin Nailer T-APN-23A 23 Gauge, (0.63mm) - $71.35
    T-APN-23B 23 Gauge, (0.63mm) - $98.95
    16 Gauge Medium Crown Air Stapler T-MCAS-16G 16 Gauge, (1.6mm * 1.4mm) 13/32" (10.8mm) $195.26
    18 Gauge Narrow Crown Air Stapler T-NCAS-18G 18 Gauge, (1.25mm * 1.05mm) 7/32" (5.7mm) $159.07
    20 Gauge Narrow Crown Air Stapler T-NCAS-20G 20 Gauge, (1.2mm * 0.6mm) 3/16" (5.2mm) $126.35
    21 Gauge Medium Crown Air Stapler T-MCAS-21G 21 Gauge, (0.95mm * 0.65mm) 3/16" (5.2mm) $113.59
    22 Gauge Narrow Crown Air Stapler T-NCAS-22G 22 Gauge, (0.75mm * 0.58mm) 4/25" (4.16mm) $100.91

    Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference only. If you cannot find an air nailer or air stapler with required size, please feel free to contact us.

    Working principle

    Air nailer and air stapler connect with an air compressor through the air inlet and an air hose, which mainly rely on the balance and imbalance of air pressure between different airways to work. The compressed air is stored in an energy storage chamber, when pressing the trigger, the pressure of the compressed air in the intake pipe drops to atmospheric pressure, the pressure difference at both ends of the plunger valve is opened, and the compressed air flows in from the valve opening to impact the piston firing pin, so as to complete a fast nail action process.Air Nailer

    Air nailer troubleshooting

    1. Air leakage

    If the cylinder head leaks, open the cylinder cover and check whether the sealing ring is broken, and then check whether the inner wall of the shell is uneven or has foreign matters. If the trigger leaks, open it to check whether the thread is slippery, and then obverse whether the valve stem of switch has or foreign matters.

    2. Stuck nails and bent nails

    In practical use, there will have some problems, for example, the nails float on the objects, the nails get stuck in the nail gun and the nails are bent, especially when encountered with hardwood, these problems will occur more frequently. The insurance frame is required when the air nail gun is working. It can solve these problems above and make the contact force between the nail outlet and the workpiece surface completely fit. If there is a deviation in the design of the nail outlet, and the instantaneous nail force is not enough, you can check whether the nail size is standard and consistent with the air nail gun.

    3. Cushion damage

    The cushion is located at the bottom of the cylinder in the head of the nail gun, and it is attached to the surface of the nail outlet. It is the buffer part between the piston and the nailer when the piston moves to the bottom of the cylinder. When the piston reaches the lower end, under the force of the piston, the cushion is compressed to produce radial deformation, which is constrained by the cylinder. In addition to the direct impact of the piston, the cushion is also subject to the force of high pressure air in the cylinder, which is easily worn or damaged. Generally, a metal retaining ring is often added on the upper surface of the cushion in practical use, which is in direct contact with the piston, so as to effectively improve the service life of the cushion.

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