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    Hydraulic Pump Price List

    A hydraulic pump is a device that converts mechanical energy into pressure and flow, which is used to transfer liquid or gas in a hydraulic system. Applications include industry, construction, foundation repair, production, processing, punching, crimping, cutting or pressurizing fixtures, etc. Hydraulic electric pumps, hydraulic hand pumps and pressure test pumps are the 3 most widely used types in the entire industry. Here you can get hydraulic pump latest price.

    Hydraulic Electric & Hand & Pressure Test Pump

    Hydraulic Electric Pump

    The hydraulic electric pump is driven by an electric motor to provide pressurized liquid for hydraulic transmission. Hydraulic electric pump is both a hydraulic component and a pump. Function of the hydraulic electric pump is to convert the mechanical energy of power machinery (such as electric motors and internal combustion engines) into liquid pressure energy. We provide the latest price list of hydraulic electric pumps here. Working pressure of the hydraulic electric pumps listed in table be up to 10000 psi (70Mpa), motor power from 750W to 3000W for selection, oil storage capacity 2L~30L.

    Hydraulic Electric Pump Latest Price List

    Product Name SKU Oil Storage Capacity Motor Power Price
    750W Hydraulic Electric Pump, 10000 psi T-HEP-63A 7L 750W $483.08
    1500W Hydraulic Electric Pump, Single-Acting T-HEP-D1 10L 1500W $906.39
    7L 750W $602.54
    1.5kW Hydraulic Electric Pump, Double-Acting T-HEP-D2 10L 1.5kW $1,000.77
    7L 0.75kW $774.62
    3kW Hydraulic Electric Pump, 10000 psi T-HEP-S2 30L 3kW $1,240.77
    30L 1.5kW $925.39
    7L 0.75kW $691.54
    1.2kW Hydraulic Electric Pump, 10000 psi T-HEP-QQ700 2L 1.2kW $568.85

    Hydraulic Hand Pump

    Hydraulic hand pump is also called hydraulic manual pump, which relies on manual drive to deliver hydraulic fluid under pressure. Compared with hydraulic electric pumps, hydraulic hand pumps have the advantage that they do not require electricity, but obtain power through compressed air or hydrostatic flow. As long as there is manpower to shake the handle, the hydraulic hand pump can be used almost anywhere. Price of hydraulic hand pump is usually relatively low. You can get an ideal hydraulic hand pump with best price in, please check the following latest price list.

    Hydraulic Hand Pump Latest Price List

    Product Name SKU Max. Output Pressure Oil Reservoir Capacity Price
    850 psi Hydraulic Hand Pump, 450cc Oil Reservoir T-HHP-450 850 psi (60 kg/cm²) 450cc $189.53
    400cc $158.76
    10,000 psi Hydraulic Hand Pump, 1200cc Oil Reservoir T-HHP-1200 10000 psi (700 kg/cm²) 900 cc $271.46
    1200 cc $328.84
    3200 cc $360.54
    10,000 psi Hydraulic Hand Pump, 3000cc Oil Reservoir T-HHP-3000 10000 psi (700 kg/cm²) 1100 cc $322.69
    3000 cc $351.31
    10,000 psi Hydraulic Foot Pump, 0.6~1.5k cc Oil Reservoir T-HFP-1500 10000 psi (700 kg/cm²) 600 cc $400.38
    700 cc $379.92
    900 cc $342.07
    1500 cc $376.38

    Pressure Test Pump

    Pressure test pump is used to test fluid pressure. Common application scenarios include heating, compressed air, oil, pipes and sprinkler systems, etc. Pressure test pump is simple in design and easy to operate. It is an indispensable tool for plumbers and plumbing installers. In addition, contractors, engineers, laboratory technicians, warehouse workers, etc. also favor pressure test pumps. Pressure test pump can also be used to test a series of common systems, including water meters, pressure vessels, pipes, sprinkler systems and solar systems. provides manual pressure test pump and electric pressure test pump, a variety of working pressure specifications are available, and the price is affordable. If you want to learn more details of the pressure test pump, please visit the product page or contact us.

    Manual Pressure Test Pump Latest Price List

    Product Name SKU Water Tank Working Pressure Price
    Manual Pressure Test Pump, 2.5~6.3MPa T-HPTP-SYB 4.5L 2.5MPa (363 psi) $107.38
    4MPa (580 psi) $108.92
    6.3MPa (914 psi) $113.53
    Manual Pressure Test Pump, 5/10 Mpa T-HPTP-KP 4.5L 5MPa (725 psi) $154.38
    10MPa (1450 psi) $172.00

    Electric Pressure Test Pump Latest Price List

    Product Name SKU Working Pressure Rated Power Price
    Electric Pressure Test Pump, 2.5~10MPa, 0.2~0.5 HP T-HPTP-DSY 2.5 MPa (363 psi) 0.2 HP (150W) $269.31
    6 MPa (870 psi) 0.3 HP (250W) $271.39
    10 MPa (1,450 psi) 0.5 HP (350W) $313.39
    Electric Pressure Test Pump, 2.5~10MPa, 1.0/1.2 HP T-HPTP-3DSY 2.5 MPa (363 psi) 1 HP (750W) $392.15
    4 MPa (580 psi) 1 HP (750W) $403.84
    6 MPa (870 psi) 1 HP (750W) $410.00
    10 MPa (1450 psi) 1.2 HP (900W) $463.84
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