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    Laboratory Mixer Price List

    Laboratory mixer is an electric mixer, used for stirring, homogenizing, mixing and dispersing. Laboratory mixer is mostly used for mixing materials to prevent material precipitation. In China, laboratory mixers are widely used in higher education institutions, scientific research institutes, water plants, sewage treatment plants, water supply and drainage, environmental protection, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, light industry, pharmaceuticals, electric power, papermaking, printing and dyeing and other industries. Laboratory mixer is an indispensable instrument for biochemistry laboratory.

    There are 3 kinds of laboratory mixers commonly used in China: vortex mixer, magnetic stirrer and overhead stirrer. This article will introduce these 3 laboratory mixers in turn and list the latest price. You can buy the best laboratory mixers from China online at Our price is very affordable, if you buy wholesale, there will be a bigger discount!

    Laboratory Vortex Mixer

    Vortex mixer, also known as vortexer or vortex shaker, is one of the basic equipment commonly used in laboratories. Vortex mixer uses eccentric rotation to make the liquid in container vortex, so that the solution is fully stirred. There is usually a rubber cover on the top of vortex mixer for holding test tubes, beakers and other containers. The vortex speed is adjustable, usually around 3000 rpm. It should be noted that sensitive or fragile samples are prone to degradation, so the vortex mixer is not suitable.

    Laboratory Vortex Mixers

    Laboratory Vortex Mixer Price List

    Product Name SKU Max. Mixing Capacity Max. Speed Speed Control Price
    3000 rpm Mini Laboratory Vortex Mixer, 100~240V T-LVM-300 50mL 3000 rpm Stepless Variable Speed $184.15
    Constant Speed $153.38
    2800 rpm Laboratory Vortex Mixer, 110V/220V T-LVM-12 Depends on the test tube block specification 2800 rpm Stepless variable speed $276.61
    Constant speed $239.69
    1500/3000 rpm Digital Laboratory Vortex Mixer, 100~240V T-LVM-500 Depends on the test tube block specification 3000 rpm Stepless variable speed $399.23

    Laboratory Magnetic Stirrer

    Magnetic stirrer is based on the principle of repulsion of the same sex and attraction of the opposite sex in magnetic field. It uses a magnetic field to push the stirring bar to rotate in circle to stir the liquid. The stir bar is magnetic and is placed in a container. When in use, there is only one stirring magnetic bar in the sample, which makes it easy to keep the instrument clean. Therefore, the magnetic stirrer helps reduce the risk of infection during the experiment. If you need to stir the solution for a long time (such as protein dialysis experiments), a magnetic stirrer is the best choice. Magnetic stirrer with hot plate has a heating function, which can heat the liquid at the same time during the stirring process. The price of such a magnetic stirrer is usually higher.

    Laboratory Magnetic Stirrers

    Laboratory Magnetic Stirrer Price List

    Product Name SKU Max. Speed Max. Stirring Capacity Price
    2L Mini Magnetic Stirrer, 1800 rpm T-LMS-218 1800 rpm 2L $107.23
    10/20/50L Large Volume Magnetic Stirrer, 1500 rpm T-LMS-1250 1500 rpm 10L $373.69
    1500 rpm 20L $473.15
    800 rpm 50L $551.46
    500mL*4/6/8 Multi-Position Magnetic Stirrer, 1500 rpm T-LMS-5015 1500 rpm 4*500mL $397.23
    6*500mL $477.54
    8*500mL $555.30

    Laboratory Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate Price List

    Product Name SKU Max. Speed Max. Stirring Capacity Max. Heating Temperature Price
    0.5~3L Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer, 2000 rpm T-LMS-532 2000 rpm 3L Non-temperature control $142.15
    100℃ $196.61
    300℃ $279.69
    1/3/5L Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate, 1600 rpm T-LMS-135 1600 rpm 1L 280℃ $172.46
    3L 300℃ $270.77
    5L 350℃ $369.92
    5L Digital Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer, 2000 rpm T-LMS-5200 2000 rpm 5L 350℃ $532.31

    Heating Mantle with Magnetic Stirrer Price List

    Product Name SKU Max. Heating Temperature Working Volume Heating Power Price
    100mL~20L Heating Mantle with Magnetic Stirrer T-HMMS-5020 380℃ 100mL 100W $169.69
    250mL 150W $178.31
    500mL 250W $194.00
    1L 350W $202.92
    2L 450W $248.92
    3L 600W $254.46
    5L 800W $297.84
    10L 1200W $414.15
    20L 2400W $517.61
    100~2000mL Digital Magnetic Stirring Heating Mantle T-HMMS-1020 380℃ 100mL 100W $249.69
    250mL 150W $262.92
    500mL 250W $262.92
    1000mL 350W $281.38
    2000mL 450W $296.61

    Laboratory Overhead Stirrer

    Overhead stirrer is suitable for stirring and mixing high-viscosity substances, such as inks, coatings, glues and adhesives, etc. Compared with vortex mixer and magnetic stirrer, overhead stirrer is a slightly larger stirrer, mainly composed of a motor, a support, a base and a stirring rod. Overhead stirrer can be used for suspension, gas intrusion and recirculation. In the product development laboratory in China, overhead stirrer is also used to mix automotive paint chemicals, shampoos, conditioners, etc. When buying the right overhead stirrer, check the torque, mixing capacity, and viscosity.

    Laboratory Overhead Stirrer

    Laboratory Overhead Stirrer Price List

    Product Name SKU Max. Speed Max. Stirring Volume Rated Power Price
    10L/20L 2000 rpm Laboratory Digital Overhead Stirrer T-LOS-10202 2000 rpm 10L 80W $335.46
    20L 210W $397.00
    10L 80W $289.31
    20L~60L 2000 rpm Laboratory Digital Overhead Stirrer T-LOS-20602 2000 rpm 20L 72W $197.31
    40L 120W $241.16
    60L 192W $282.69
    20L~60L 3000 rpm Laboratory Digital Overhead Stirrer T-LOS-20603 3000 rpm 20L 60W $243.15
    40L 100W $287.92
    60L 200W $318.69
    4L~20L 2500 rpm Laboratory Overhead Stirrer T-LOS-42025 2500 rpm 4L 40W $177.15
    6L 60W $180.23
    10L 100W $197.00
    12L 120W $200.07
    20L 200W $367.61
    5L~30L 3000 rpm Laboratory Overhead Stirrer T-LOS-5303 3000 rpm 3L 90W $379.88
    5L 120W $397.46
    8L 200W $513.31
    15L 300W $614.85
    20L 500W $736.92
    30L 1000W $851.54
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