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    Air Sanders Price List

    Air sander tool is a pneumatic tool that uses compressed air as the power to polish the surface of the material. Air sander is mainly used in all kinds of veneer process production, standard structure production, toy crafts industry, decoration and furniture industry, floor wall board building materials industry, etc. In order to produce the best products, first of all, you can have a look at the latest air sander tools that has for sale at wholesale prices.

    The pneumatic sanders provided by our company mainly include air orbital sanders and air belt sanders. The air sanders in the price list below have different functions and prices. You can buy the most suitable one according to your situation to achieve the purpose of increasing product sales.

    Air Orbital Sander Wholesale Price List

    Product SKU Orbit Diameter No Load Speed Tool Size Price Know More
     100x110mm square air orbital sander T-KP-6861 2.5mm 10000rpm 100*140mm $192.77 click

    70x100mm square air orbital sander

    T-KP-6792 2.5mm 10000rpm 175*95mm $152.41 click

    5 in dust free sander 10000 rpm

    T-KP-655A 5mm 10000rpm 210*95mm $242.85 click

    5 in air orbital sander 12000 rpm

    T-KP-655 5mm 12000rpm 170*95mm $259.35 click

    5 in air orbital sander 10000 rpm

    T-KP-653 5mm 10000rpm 125*110mm $205.24 click

    90X130mm air triangle sander

    T-KP-6762 2.5mm 12000rpm 95*210mm $185.78 click

    70x100mm air triangle sander

    T-KP-6752 2.5mm 12000rpm 95x190mm $187.13 click

    28x98mm straight line air sander

    T-KP-6901 3mm 14000rpm 95x225mm $357.82 click

    2"/ 3" air orbital sander 15000rpm



    15000rpm 105*165mm $174.79 click

    57x140mm straight line air sander



    6000rpm 66*155mm $305.40 click

    Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want to get the latest quotation, please feel free to write a comment.

     Features of air sanders

    • The grinding speed is fast, effectively shortening the working time.
    • Large horsepower, high balance, no fatigue after long time use.
    • It can be easily connected to the vacuum cleaning system to collect impurities and dust generated during grinding.
    • Durable composite material shell design, light and comfortable to use.
    • Low vibration design, smooth and supple hand feeling during operation.
    • The low-position design reduces the center of gravity of the polishing, and the polishing surface is smooth without vortex.
    • The maintenance is simple, no matter any part is damaged, it can be easily disassembled and replaced without affecting the performance of the whole machine.
    • Waterproof, moisture-proof and explosion-proof.
    • Strong speed control and reversing function.
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