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    Vertical Charcoal Smoker Grill

    Vertical Charcoal Smoker Grill

    Small vertical charcoal smoker offers a variety of cooking methods, smokers, bake, grills and roast, two-layer oven design, 15 inches long and 28 inches high, fan-shaped tuyere can adjust the size of the firepower.
    Wholesale $153.46
    Waterproof Gardening Gloves for Women

    Waterproof Gardening Gloves for Women

    Women waterproof gardening gloves for sale, which can prevent roses and cactus from stab fingers, natural latex coating maintains the flexibility of the gloves, and also has a non-slip effect, strong breathability, greatly improves the quality of gardening life.
    Wholesale $21.30
    12 FT Fruit Picker with Pole

    12 FT Fruit Picker with Pole

    Long handled fruit picker with pole, it can be extended to 12 FT, fruit picker tool makes it very easy to pick apples, fruit picking basket can accommodate multiple apples at the same time, thereby improving picking efficiency.
    Wholesale $67.34
    1200 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

    1200 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

    1200 watt full spectrum led grow light for weeds, herbs and indoor plants, full-spectrum lighting from 380 nm to 780 nm (including UV + IR), LED light for vegetative growth, VEG switches are blue LED and white LED, BLOOM switches are red LED and white LED.
    Wholesale $254.76
    18V Electric Pruning Shears, 32mm

    18V Electric Pruning Shears, 32mm

    Battery powered pruning shears for sale, 18V, easily cut 32mm/1.25 inch branches, light and convenient to carry, free 2 batteries and a charger, non-slip hand-held design, bringing customers a better user experience.
    Wholesale $451.89
    21V Electric Pruning Shears

    21V Electric Pruning Shears

    Good price 21 volt electric tree pruner for sale. Two-stage opening design, the cutting capacity of the blade can be adjusted to 25mm small diameter power saving mode, which improves efficiency; or 30mm cutting mode, which can shear 30mm diameter thick branches. It has an intelligent safety switch, you need to press the switch twice in succession to start, preventing accidental operation and injury.
    26 Inch to 40 Inch Telescopic Ratchet Lopper

    26 Inch to 40 Inch Telescopic Ratchet Lopper

    Cheap long reach lopper for sale, telescopic ratchet loppers have a telescopic handle that can extend the extension from 26 inch to 40 inch, easily cut 2 inch thick branches, stable and durable.
    Wholesale $70.25
    28 Inch to 35 Inch Telescopic Ratchet Lopper

    28 Inch to 35 Inch Telescopic Ratchet Lopper

    Telescopic ratchet bypass lopper for sale, 2 inch of cutting thickness, the handle can be telescopic, easily extend from 28 inch to 35 inch, safe and easy to use.
    Wholesale $93.17
    40mm Garden Hand Pruners, 10-piece

    40mm Garden Hand Pruners, 10-piece

    Good price 40mm blade hand pruners can easily cut off thick branches within 35mm diameter. The blade is made of hard alloy steel and the handle is made of aluminum alloy and rubber. The surface of the garden pruning shears is finely polished, with a beautiful and unique appearance.
    Wholesale $124.89
    Claw Garden Genie Gloves

    Claw Garden Genie Gloves

    Garden genie gloves with claws for digging and planting, claws on right hand, year-round use, natural latex paint, protect your hands free of dirt to prevent scratches.
    Wholesale $9.20
    Garden Outdoor Decorative LED Tulip Solar Light

    Garden Outdoor Decorative LED Tulip Solar Light

    Tulip solar powered decorative light for sale, wholesale price, modern LED solar path light can be used in bad weather, waterproof grade IP65, is an ideal solar light for decorating outdoors, paths, gardens and backyards.
    Wholesale $12.87
    Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Charcoal Grill

    Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Charcoal Grill

    Stainless steel charcoal grill for charcoal barbecue grill and smoked, fast grilling speed, easy temperature control, convenient for assembly and cleaning. Heavy duty bbq charcoal grill is suitable for various environments such as villas, hotels, outdoor, courtyards, etc.
    $965.26 $895.69
    13 FT Fruit Picker with Pole

    13 FT Fruit Picker with Pole

    13 Foot fruit picker basket with telescopic pole for sale, adjustable fruit picker is light, easy to pick avocado, orange, grapefruit, apple, peach, pear and other fruits. The fruit basket can hold multiple fruits at once, fruit picking pole can be disassembled.
    Wholesale $69.30
    1500 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

    1500 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

    Cheap full spectrum 1500 watt led grow light for sale, full spectrum led grow light with VED and BLOOM switch, VEG switch is used for plant seedlings and BLOOM switch is used for plant growth, indoor grow lights provide sufficient light for houseplants at different stages.
    Wholesale $339.69
    36V Electric Pruning Shears, 45mm

    36V Electric Pruning Shears, 45mm

    Wholesale battery operated pruning shears for sale, 36V, sharp blade, easy to cut fruit trees and branches, cutting capacity 45mm/1.7 inch, high safety and low price.
    Wholesale $668.86
    50mm Hand Tree Pruners, 10pcs/ Set

    50mm Hand Tree Pruners, 10pcs/ Set

    Buy 10 pieces/ set hand tree pruners at wholesale price. The 50mm blade adopts scientific proportioning, which can effectively save 30% of effort and is not easy to rust. The middle spring is made of professional steel and craftsmanship. It is the best garden tool with user-friendly design.
    Wholesale $97.48
    Garden Tools Set, 3 Piece

    Garden Tools Set, 3 Piece

    Cheap price garden trowel set for sale, suitable for excavation, transplantation, pruning and loose soil, easy for home and outdoor garden use. 3 piece garden tools set is a great gift for men and women, and can also be used as a toy for children.
    Wholesale $42.17
    Heavy Duty Leather Gardening Glove

    Heavy Duty Leather Gardening Glove

    Wholesale heavy duty leather gardening glove for sale, with waterproof thorn proof function, it can also be used in winter to protect your hands from stab wounds during gardening and protect you from the severe cold. Both men and women can use.
    Wholesale $26.02
    Kids Gardening Gloves

    Kids Gardening Gloves

    Cute kids gardening gloves for sale, used for gardening, going out to sea, painting and outdoor activities, non-slip and stab-resistant, excellent elasticity, children can use it with peace of mind, healthy and happy growth.
    Wholesale $21.25
    Leather Gardening Gloves for Men and Women

    Leather Gardening Gloves for Men and Women

    Protective leather gardening gloves for arthritis, washable, handles roses well, nice gardening gloves for men and women, soft and comfortable, maintain flexibility, help to complete the work.
    Wholesale $21.25

    What types of garden tool are there?

    Garden tools refers to non-mechanical tools used to tidy the gardens up. There are many common garden tools, including cutting tools, spray tools, excavating tools, and other auxiliary tools.
    Cutting tools mainly are electric pruning shears, branch shears, ordinary leafs shears, large grass shears, vigorous shears, high branch shears, high branch saws, cutting saws, knives, axes, etc.
    Sprinkler garden tools include hose trucks, manual high-pressure spray cans, hand-operated spray cans, hand-held sprays, portable fixed-point water replenishers, garden sprinkler and irrigation equipment.
    Digging tools include shovel, hoe, rake, digging forks etc.
    Other: Hand-push fertilizer applicator, spatula or screwdriver to provoke weeds, sand rake for lawn sanding, bucket, flower arrangement, grow light,  water scoop, small cart, bucket cart, garden gloves etc.

    Functions of common garden tools

    Hand-held pruning shears. Pruning shears are necessary tools for pruning and maintaining plants and shrubs. A pair of small knives with high quality blades can easily tidy up and cut plants up. They should also have sturdy, easy-to-grip handles.

    hand held pruning shearsGarden fork. It can help you to prepare the soil for planting. You can use it to remove weeds and smooth out small patches of soil. Make sure to buy a model that is convenient to hold, which is important when dragging the soil.

    hand grip spading fork
    Spray bottle. The medium spray bottle is easy to carry and ideal choice for watering flowers. Choose one with an easily accessible opening to fill the sink or garden hose.
    Hose. The hose that can reach the periphery of the garden can be used for washing the ground or sprinkling water. A hose made of rubber or a rubber-vinyl mixture to ensure it is strong enough ti resist leakage.

    spray bottle
    Garden rake. It can loosen the soil, level the ground and remove the rocks, leaves and other debris from the soil surface.

    garden rake

    Round-point shovel. A tough shovel is required to dig and move large amounts of soil, of all the available options, the round tip shovel is the most versatile. Choose a stainless steel head model, which will not rust, and a solid wooden handle.

    round point shovel

    Take flower-growing as an example

    Choose tools according to the flower-growing environment
    Different flower growing environments have different requirements for gardening tools. Indoor cultivation of flowers needs to be equipped with flower stands, flower pots, spray bottles, grafting knives, pruning shears, shovel, etc. Outdoors, due to better lighting conditions and a wide variety of flowers and trees, including some tall trees, then more requirement for tools are needed. Of course, some of these tools can be reused if they are not used frequently. For example, scissors such as fruit picker and handcraft scissors can also be reduced. When pruning high branches, you can use a ladder to directly climb up then trim.

    Practicality need to be considered first, then beauty
    Some tools are good on appearance, but they are actually really impractical for home gardening enthusiasts. For example, if it costs you a lot of money to buy a set of beautiful flower pots from a furniture store of a famous foreign brand, but when you get home, you find that there are no basic drainage holes then it cannot do flower growing at all.

    It is wasteful to buy all tools at once
    Many people who are beginners to grow flowers have a bad habit, that is, they buy lots of flower-growing appliances at once for daily maintenance work. In fact, the best thing is to buy appliances in batches. You can purchase all the necessary items first, such as flower pots, earth shovel, etc. While other pruning tools can be added at any time according to the flowers and tree you choose. In general, although tools are important, the quality of tools is not necessarily related to whether the flowers are flourishing or not.

    Selection and maintenance of garden tools

    • According to users
      Firstly, it depends on the user. If the user is professional group or individual. Generally, you should choose a general-purpose tool that is sturdygarden tools 3, durable, and more comprehensive. For family and amateur gardening enthusiasts, the workload is not large, and considering the decoration of the environment, they should choose beautiful, compact, and average-strength household tools.
    • According to using purpose
      Choose a special tool such as hedge trimmers, and choose hedge shears (flat shears) of different specifications, with high trimming efficiency and god trimming effects; to complete the pruning of higher parts, it should generally choose long-handled shears and high branch shears, which can avoid the danger of climbing, and it is more convenient to observe the entire tree crown, so as to better grasp the degree of pruning of each part.
    • Polish
      “Sharpening your axe will not hold up the work of cutting firewood” means the importance of polishing tool. Garden tools for landscaping are mostly used for cutting, chopping, etc. Most hand tool have blades, and a few have teeth. The function of polishing is to make the blades or teeth sharper and make it more labor-saving and faster to use.
    • Maintenance
      The maintenance of hand tools closely related to maintaining good performance and prolonging their service life.
    1. Rustproof
      The working part of hand tools are mostly made of metal materials, which can easily get rust. The light ones affect the use, the serious ones may cause tools lose its use value.
    2. Storage
      The storage environment need to be dry and clean. Various tools should be categorized and stored for easy inventory and access.
    • Repair and maintenance of some garden tools
    1. Flower shears, branch shears
      Disassemble the flower shears and branch, sharpen the blade with a whetstone and grease it to prevent rust, tighten the screws and each rotating part, and maintain with lubricating oil.
    2. Chain saw, hedge trimmer, lawn trimmer
      Disassemble it and use a file to sharpen the saw teeth. Each time the chain saw is polished, the forged edge of the saw teeth should be corrected at the same time to ensure that it does not get stuck during use to prevent accident.
    3. Knives
      It should be equipped with the necessary tools, and is in a ready-to-use state. The key is to sharpen the blade. Pay attention to the angle between the knife surface and grindstone from being too large, otherwise it will damage the blade.
    4. Spray bottle
      Before each use (especially when spraying toxic drugs), it must be check whether the sprayer works by using water. Rinse with water after each use to prevent the residue from corroding the container, spray rod, nozzle and other parts. provides lots of garden tools in categories for you to choose, which can help you make your garden wonderful!