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    Air Blow Guns Wholesale Price in China recommends some of our best price air blow guns for you. The latest wholesale price list lists pneumatic blow guns with barrel lengths of 3inch, 4inch, 5inch, 9inch, 10inch and 16inch. These specifications are the most common in China, and our website has a large stock available for wholesale. Air duster gun uses the principle of air amplification to effectively reduce the consumption of compressed air, thereby generating a powerful and precise airflow and driving the surrounding air to work together. In China, as a cleaning air tool, the pneumatic blow gun is mainly used for dust removal during factory production, installation, and maintenance. It is most suitable for use in some narrow or high parts that cannot be reached by hands and the cleaning work in the trachea. Therefore, China Petroleum, Sinopec, China Aerospace, China Coal, China Steel, China Food, China Medicine and other industries will buy and use air blow gun in large quantities.

    Wholesale Price List of Air Blow Guns in China

    Product Name SKU Barrel Length Barrel Material Working Pressure Wholesale Price
    3 Inch Air Blow Gun, 90 psi T-YC-989 80mm Metal 90 psi $19.23
    4 Inch Air Blow Gun, 90 psi T-KP-120 100mm Metal 90 psi $21.23
    5 Inch Air Blow Gun, 90 psi T-KP-123 135mm Alloy 90 psi $27.68
    9 Inch Air Blow Gun, 90 psi T-KP-127 230mm Plastic 90 psi $72.51
    10 Inch Air Blow Gun, 90 psi T-YC-03 260mm Metal 90 psi $23.54
    16 Inch Air Blow Gun, 90 psi T-KP-124 410mm Aluminum alloy 90 psi $34.81

    Some of the air blow guns provided by are composed of an air blow gun body and a nozzle. You can enter the product page for more details before buying. The high-quality nozzles can amplify the input compressed air by 25 times, and only a small amount of compressed air can produce a greater blowing force compared with traditional methods. Buy a wholesale price air duster gun online, if you use it frequently, you can get a return on your investment in just a few weeks.

    Wholesale price air blow gun in China

    Operation notes for pneumatic blow gun

    • Read the instruction manual before operating the pneumatic blow gun.
    • The air dust blower gun needs to be connected to an air compressor, and ensure that the power supply is grounded.
    • Keep the air blow dust gun clean, oil-free and dust-free.
    • Non-professionals cannot repair without authorization.
    • The air blow gun can not be used in an environment containing flammable gas and a large amount of dust.
    • Clean the pneumatic blow gun regularly to prevent a large amount of dirt from depositing on the parts of the air duster gun. When cleaning, the power should be cut off.

    How to maintain air blow gun?

    1. Before and after each use of the air blow gun, 3 to 4 drops of special pneumatic maintenance oil (sewing machine oil) should be injected from the air inlet of the pneumatic dust blow gun to reduce wear and extend the service life.
    2. Install a filter on the air supply source to ensure that the air source supplied to the air blow gun is dry and free of impurities.
    3. Clean regularly, use proper working air pressure, and replace worn parts in time.
    4. When the pneumatic blow gun is not in use, it should be coated with anti-rust oil, and the air inlet and other exposed holes should be blocked to prevent dirt from entering the pneumatic blow gun.
    5. The safety inspection of the pneumatic duster gun should be carried out regularly. The specific items inspected mainly include:

    • The air source hose and joint should be connected reliably, and no air leakage should be allowed. The inlet valve should be well sealed, switch flexible, and the entire gas path should be sealed without air leakage.
    • The gas supply pipeline should be intact. If there are defects such as wear, aging, corrosion and local leakage or bulging, it should be replaced immediately.
    • Check the protective device and replace it in time if there is abrasion, cracks, bending, etc.
    • Check whether the working parts are in good condition. If there are cracks or defects, they should be replaced immediately.
    • Check whether the operating speed and condition of the air blow gun are good.

    Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want to get the latest quotation, please contact us now.

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