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    Buy Electric Screwdriver at Best Price

    Screwdriver is a common tool. According to the driving source, it can be divided into manual screwdriver, electric screwdriver and pneumatic screwdriver. Hand screwdrivers do not require batteries or AC power, so the price is lower than electric screwdrivers. However, this means that when using a manual screwdriver, you must rely on your own strength to get the torque you need. Electric screwdrivers are faster than hand screwdrivers and more accurate than air screwdrivers. If you are a high-volume manufacturer and need to tighten or remove many screws in a short time, then an electric screwdriver is a good choice. An electric screwdriver with a brushless motor can reduce downtime for maintenance, thereby keeping your tools online, thereby maximizing the return on investment of the tool and reducing costs.Electric Screwdriver and Set

    In addition, it must be admitted that if you need high torque to screw large screws into hardwood or metal, then an electric drill may be better than an electric screwdriver. The price of an electric drill is higher than that of an electric screwdriver, but if you really need that much power, the cost may be worth it. Electric screwdriver fills the gap between manual screwdriver and electric drill, which can provide a more balanced screw-screw experience without causing the screws to fall off or wear.

    To reduce costs, buying an electric screwdriver set is a good choice. An electric screwdriver kit usually includes various specifications of screwdriver bit, drill bit, socket and other accessories. Electric screwdriver set has affordable price and rich content, which can meet various application needs. If you buy wholesale, the price will be lower.

    In, you can buy electric screwdrivers online at best price. We are the professional supplier of cordless electric screwdriver set and electric torque screwdriver. Please read on to get the electric screwdriver buying guide and our price list.

    What factors to consider when buying an electric screwdriver?

    • Cordless or Corded

    Compared to the cordless electric screwdriver, a corded electric screwdriver is a heavier tool that can provide greater torque and lasting power. However, your work area is limited to where you can access the power cord, which is not the most convenient selection.

    In contrast, cordless electric screwdriver is more common. cordless electric screwdriver is lightweight, compact, and can work easily in narrow spaces, and they are used in most occasions. It may be difficult to use cordless electric screwdrivers on harder materials, but if pilot holes are drilled, they can even handle these tasks well.

    Both types of electric screwdrivers have their advantages and disadvantages, and it really depends on what kind of work area you need to use it for. In fact, with the continuous development of battery technology, there are fewer and fewer corded electric screwdrivers available.

    • Speed

    The speed of an electric screwdriver is in revolutions per minute (RPM). The speed of cordless electric screwdriver is 150 RPM to 300 RPM. It should be noted that although high speed means the electric screwdriver rotates faster, if you cannot control the tool, it may cause the screwdriver bit to slip and peel off the screw. For most users, an electric screwdriver with a constant speed of 150 RPM has exceeded the speed that a hand screwdriver can achieve. Therefore, any speed specification selection in electric screwdrivers provided by will help you to complete the work quickly and easily.

    • Torque

    Torque is a measure of the force that an electric screwdriver can exert on a screw in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. The unit is N.m. The greater the amount of torque, the greater the force used to rotate the screw. Torque of a mini electric screwdriver usually be around 1 N.m, and that of a heavy-duty electric screwdriver may be as high as 27 N.m. However, in fact, for most electric screwdrivers, torque is between 3 N.m and 10 N.m, which is sufficient for most DIY or household use.

    • Voltage

    For cordless electric screwdriver, 3.6 V or 4V battery voltage is sufficient to complete most of the work. Most cordless electric screwdrivers have a battery voltage of 3.6V. 4V and 4.8V are also common. Voltage is the final power factor. The power of an electric screwdriver sometimes depends on the motor.

    Cordless Electric Screwdriver Set Price List

    Product Name SKU Battery Torque Speed Accessories Set Price
    3.6V Cordless Electric Screwdriver Set T-ETSD-36 3.6V 1300mAh/1800mAh 3.5N.m 250 rpm 2-pc Set $40.16
    4-pc Set $40.77
    6-pc Set $42.00
    25-pc Set $46.46
    44-pc Set $52.31
    4V Cordless Electric Screwdriver Kit T-ETSD-42 4V 1300mAh 3.0N.m, 6.0N.m 220 rpm, 230 rpm 42-pc $50.16
    4.8V Cordless Electric Screwdriver Set T-ETSD-48 4.8V 600mAh 3.0N.m 180 rpm, 220 rpm 42-pc $53.23
    12V/16.8V/21V Cordless Drill Driver T-ETSD-12 12V 2200mAh 18N.m 0-1300 rpm - $89.69
    16.8V 2200mAh 18N.m 0-1800 rpm - $96.15
    21V 2200mAh 18N.m 0-2200 rpm - $101.69

    Why You Need an Electric Torque Screwdriver?

    Electric torque screwdriver is designed for precise torque control. Electric torque screwdriver is light in weight, not easy to make mistakes when used, and has high accuracy. Therefore, the price of electric torque screwdriver is much higher than that of ordinary cordless electric screwdriver.

    Electric torque screwdriver is very suitable for repetitive assembly. To ensure product quality, safety and reliability, the torque must be controlled well during the assembly process. Electric torque screwdriver can maximize productivity and reduce costs. If electric torque screwdrivers are well maintained and regularly calibrated, they can have a long service life in many different production applications.

    Electric Torque Screwdriver

    Electric torque screwdriver with brushless motor has an extremely long service life and does not require regular maintenance or replacement of consumable parts (such as carbon brushes, rotors, switches and other contacts). Without carbon brushes, the heat generated by motor is reduced, so that the performance of electric torque screwdriver is always at the highest level, thereby ensuring product quality.

    In short, if torque is extremely important to your work, and you want the electric screwdriver to automatically turn off after reaching the required torque, please browse the price list below, or go to the product page for more information.

    Electric Torque Screwdriver Price List

    Product Name SKU Input Voltage Torque Range ( Price
    Brushless Electric Screwdriver, Torque 0.5/1.0/1.5 kgf T-ETSD-GA DC 22V 0.15-0.5 $448.31
    Brushless Electric Screwdriver, Torque 1/2/3 kgf T-ETSD-GBX DC 25V 0.1-1 $349.85
    Brushless Electric Screwdriver, Torque 3/5/12 kgf T-ETSD-GES DC 30V 0.3-3 $362.15
    Brushless Electric Screwdriver, Torque 10/15/20/25 kgf T-ETSD-GH DC 30V 1-10 $328.31
    Brushless Electric Screwdriver, Torque 35/45 kgf T-ETSD-GI DC 30V 10-35 $419.69
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