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    How Accurate is a Laser Distance Meter?

    Best price laser distance meterLaser distance meters measure distances by taking lasers as the light source and can be roughly divided into CW laser distance meters and pulsed laser distance meters. Laser distance meters applying gases, including helium-neon, argon ions, and krypton cadmium, work with continuous output and are used for phase-shift laser ranging. Semi-conducting laser distance meters made of DH gallium arsenide are used for infrared distance ranging, while solid laser distance meters made of rubies and neodymium glass are used for pulsed laser ranging.

    Laser distance meters apply laser rays that are characterized by high monochromaticity and directivity. Besides, all electronic circuits consist of integrated semiconductors. Compared with PV distance meters, laser distance meters not only work throughout the day and raise the measurement precision but also significantly reduce weight and power, successfully turning it a reality to measure long-distance objects like man-made satellites of the Earth and the moon. If laser rays are emitted continuously, the measurement range will reach about 40 km, and the distance meter can operate day and night. If laser rays are emitted by pulses, the absolute precision will remain low. When applied for long-term ranging, however, the laser distance meter will reach a high relative precision. Thus laser distance meters are increasingly widely used in daily life, such as forestry surveys, construction, power patrol, geological surveys, engineering projects, safety examination, and land surveying and mapping.

    However, the laser distance meter required by each industry varies with the measurement condition. In the following part, will introduce the different laser distance meters accuracy.

    Hand-held Laser Distance Meter
    As the most widely applied laser distance meters, they can measure not only distances but also the shapes of objects. Hand-held 100m laser distance meter for sale on measures objects within the distance of 100m, with a ±1mm accuracy.

    Industrial Laser Distance Meter
    Industrial laser distance meters measure within the range of 0.5-3,000m at a 300m precision. When the distance exceeds 300m, a reflector should be added. A small portion of industrial laser distance meters measure not only distances but also the speed and are thus applied to controlling the positions of vehicles and ships, locating cranes and equipment for uploading and downloading, and measuring airplanes (mainly to measure the flight height), controlling the metallurgical process, measuring objects that mustn't be approached (such as goods filled in tubes, tubes, and containers), and measuring the water table. Typical sensors for laser distance meters include LDM301 and LDM4x.

    Laser Rangefinder
    Laser rangefinders generally measure distances within 600-3,000m. These measuring tools can measure long distances yet only have a 1m accuracy. Laser Rangefinders are mostly applied to measuring long distances outdoors.

    How to select laser distance meters with an appropriate accuracy is related to the distance to be measured. It is hoped that the accuracy of laser distance meters mentioned above will provide references for you. Currently, laser distance meters' functions and application scenarios are evolving from simple distance measurement to 3D positioning.

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