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    Electric Hammer Latest Price List

    Electric hammer is a widely used power tool. Electric hammer is based on the power drill, added a piston driven by motor to compress air back and forth in a cylinder, so that the air pressure in cylinder changes periodically. The changing air pressure drives the hammer in cylinder to strike the top of drill bit repeatedly. This principle is equivalent to hitting the drill bit with a hammer, hence the name electric hammer. Electric hammers belong to a category of electric drills, which are mainly used to drill holes in concrete, wooden boards, brick walls and stone. provides 2 types of electric hammers at best price: demolition hammer and rotary hammer, or you can buy them wholesale to get more favorable prices. This article will introduce the basic information of demolition hammer and rotary hammer, and show our latest price list. You can also visit the product page to learn more or contact us.

    Electric Demolition Hammer

    Demolition hammer, also called jack hammer, is a power tool used in breaking rocks, asphalt and concrete. In addition, a powerful electric demolition hammer has the function of demolishing tiles, tree stumps, bricks, and even frozen soil. Electric demolition hammer is driven by a motor and moves up and down like a hammer. Each hammer action will cut and break rocks and concrete.

    Electric Demolition Hammer

    Speed grade and power are the 2 important specifications of an electric demolition hammer. Speed grade represents the working speed of an electric demolition hammer, which directly affects its performance. One way to express the speed rating of electric demolition hammer is bpm, which is the number of hammer blows per minute. Some manufacturers use rpm to express speed, which is the number of revolutions per minute. The rated power of electric demolition hammer is usually in amps. Generally, an electric demolition hammer with a higher amps rating will have better performance.

    Electric Demolition Hammer Price List

    Product Name SKU Rated Power Rated Current No-Load Speed Price
    1.7kW 7.7A Demolition Hammer T-DLHM-1700 1.7kW 7.7A 1850 rpm $384.61
    1.6 kW 7.3A 1550 rpm $329.23
    2.6kW 11.8A Demolition Hammer T-DLHM-26 2.6kW 11.8A, 10.8A 1850 bpm $345.39
    1.8kW 8.2A, 7.5A 1400 bpm $314.62
    3kW 13.6A Demolition Hammer T-DLHM-3000 3.0 kW 13.6A 1400 rpm $392.31
    1.85kW 8.4A Demolition Hammer T-DLHM-1850 1.85kW 8.4A 3750 rpm $204.85
    1.9kW 8.6A Demolition Hammer T-DLHM-19 1.9kW 8.6A, 7.9A 3600 bpm $227.38
    2.2kW 10A Demolition Hammer T-DLHM-2200 2.2kW 10A 3800 rpm $242.08

    Electric Rotary Hammer

    Rotary hammer is a power tool that can do heavy-duty tasks. As the drill rotates, the rotation and hammering action break the concrete. Electric rotary hammer uses this principle to work. Rotary hammer has greater impact energy and is more powerful than other types of electric hammers. Rotary hammer is very suitable for drilling holes in hardened concrete and can also be applied to construction or demolition tasks. Electric rotary hammer is similar to demolition hammer, but it has a lighter weight and lower price.

    Electric Rotary Hammer

    For most electric rotary hammers, SDS, SDS-plus or SDS-max drill bits are used in rotary drilling tasks. The chuck suitable for SDS-max drill bits is usually only used for professional series rotary hammers, and the price is usually higher.

    The best rotary hammer has a variety of function settings, you can switch the working mode between hammering/drilling/demolition. When you select hammering only mode, electric rotary hammer can operate normally without rotating, it is most suitable for light demolition work or woodworking work.

    Electric Rotary Hammer Price List

    Product Name SKU Rated Power No-load Speed Drilling Diameter Price
    Rotary Hammer with SDS Drill, 500W, 20/22mm T-RTHM-500 500W 0-1060 rpm 20mm $134.15
    22mm $138.77
    Rotary Hammer with SDS Drill, 620W, 24mm T-RTHM-620 620W 0-1060 rpm 24mm $149.54
    Rotary Hammer with SDS Drill, 800W, 26mm T-RTHM-800 800W 0-900 rpm 26mm $178.46
    Rotary Hammer with SDS Drill, 1000W, 32mm T-RTHM-1000 1000W 800 rpm 32mm $274.23
    Rotary Hammer with SDS Drill, 850/1050W, 38mm T-RTHM-1050 850W/1050W 500 rpm 38mm $304.69
    1180W Electric Hammer, 26mm, 880 rpm T-EHM-880 1180W 880 rpm 26mm $212.39
    1180W Electric Hammer, 26mm, 1280 rpm T-EHM-1280 1180W 1280 rpm 26mm $258.85
    1200W Electric Hammer, 26mm, 1200 rpm T-EHM-1200 1200W 1200 rpm 26mm $265.31
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