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    Electric Jig Saw Wholesale Price List

    Electric jig saw (also written as jigsaw), sometimes also called saber saw. Electric jig saw is a hand-held cutting machine with blades used to cut curves on wood, plastic, ceramic tiles, plywood, chipboard or metal. In addition to curved cutting, electric jigsaw can also be used for straight cutting and plunge-in cutting (not necessarily cut from the edge of material). In addition, the electric jig saw can also be used for angled bevel cutting to form beveled edges. In addition to be an industrial equipment, electric jigsaw is also a commonly used electric cutting tool for professional woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts. Electric jig saw is a simple small electric tool, usually the price is not very high.Electric Jig Saws

    Working principle of the jig saw is that the vertical saw rotation of the motor will be converted into reciprocating motion through a gear reducer. The extra pendulum stroke of the jig saw will cause it to move upward, forward and backward when cutting the material. Therefore, it simply moves the blade in the direction of the ellipse (upward, forward and backward).

    Electric Jig Saw Buying Guide

    • Saw Blade

    Blade diameter determines the cutting capacity of an electric jigsaw. The type of blade determines the applicable material of electric jig saw (wood or metal, fiber cement, ceramics, etc.) Bottom of the blade is U-shaped or T-shaped. U indicates that this is a universal blade. Some electric jig saws use a combination of the two blades, and some use only one blade. Different blade characteristics will produce different cutting effects. For example, long blades are better for cutting thicker materials, while short blades tend to cut more precisely.

    • Power

    The rated power will determine the type and thickness of the material that electric jig saw can cut. Generally, electric jigsaw can be used for household DIY and professional production. The rated power range of household electric jig saw is generally 350~800W. Large-scale industrial production needs more than 900W. The higher the power of the electric jig saw, the higher the price.

    For small DIY projects with lower efficiency and lower cutting depth, buy 350W electric jig saw.
    Need to cut wood 65mm and steel 8mm, buy 550W electric jig saw.
    Need to cut wood 80mm and steel 10mm, buy 600~650W electric jig saw.
    buy 700~800 electric jig saw, you can more easily perform more professional cutting operations.

    • Speed (rpm)

    Speed rpm represents the number of times the electric jigsaw blade moves up and down per minute. Common speed range is 500~3000 rpm. Variable speed makes the electric jig saw match different speeds according to different cutting materials and cutting tasks. The best electric jig saw can set speed to a certain level and use the lock button to lock it.

    • Adjustable angle setting

    Many cutting tasks require cutting at a certain oblique angle. Therefore, buy an electric jig saw that can be chamfered can improve the accuracy of cutting. The bevel adjustment is helpful for effective curved or special cutting. For most applications, bevel angle of -45°~0°~45° is sufficient.

    • Laser guided function

    Laser guided function is an additional function of the electric jig saw, not a necessary function. The laser is used to mark the line and guide the cutting correctly. This parallel cutting guide reduces the deviation of blade and improves the cutting accuracy. Electric jig saw with laser is very suitable for beginners and perfectionists. Price of an electric jigsaw with laser guidance function is usually higher. provides wholesale price electric jig saw online. Cutting capacities are available in 2-4/7 inch (65mm) and 3.15 inch (80mm), motor power from 550W to 800W, which can meet most of cutting demands. Please visit the product catalog of electric jig saw for details or contact with us.

    Electric Jig Saw Wholesale Price List

    Product Name SUK Cutting Capacity for Wood Cutting Capacity for Steel Power Wholesale Price
    2.56 Inch Electric Jig Saw, 2.4A T-EJS-25624 2.56 inch (65mm) 8mm 550W $115.85
    2-4/7 Inch Electric Jig Saw, 3.5A T-EJS-24735 2-4/7 inch (65mm) 8mm 800W $157.38
    3.15 Inch Electric Jig Saw, 2.8A T-EJS-31528 3.15 inch (80mm) 10mm 600W $122.26
    650W $137.77
    3.15 Inch Electric Jigsaw, 3.5A T-EJS-31535 3.15 inch (80mm) 10mm 800W $182.92
    3.15 Inch Electric Jigsaw with Laser, 3.0A T-EJS-31530L 3.15 inch (80mm) 10mm 650W $122.38
    710W $141.84
    3.15" Electric Jigsaw with Laser, 3.5A T-EJS-31535L 3.15 inch (80mm) 10mm 800W $167.53
    750W $152.15

    Safety Precautions for Using Electric Jig Saw

    1. Use the electric jig saw in a dry environment to prevent electric shock or other hazards.
    2. Always use a dedicated circuit to connect the electric jig saw, and avoid sharing the circuit or extension cord with any other power tools, otherwise it is easy to damage the motor due to overheating.
    3. When operating the electric jigsaw, you must wear goggles and gloves to prevent accidental cuts from the blade.
    4. Routine maintenance is essential to prolong the service life of electric jig saw. The chuck system and blades of electric jig saw need to be lubricated frequently to keep it running smoothly.
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