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    Circular Saw Best Price List

    Circular saw is one of the most common power cutting tools today, whether for industrial, commercial or household woodworking work. With different blades, circular saw can cut wood, steel, metal, masonry, tiles, etc. The circular saw with laser guidance has high sawing accuracy, and the price is relatively high. In, circular saws have the best price and support wholesale. In this paper, there are circular saw buying guide and price list for you.

    There are 2 driving methods for electric circular saws: sidewinder drive and worm drive. The sidewinder drive is also called direct drive, which is the most common type of circular saw, it is widely used. Worm-drive circular saw uses worm gear to drive the sawing blade. Worm circular saws are usually heavy-duty machines and has higher prices.

    The main components of the circular saw:

    • Blade guard. When the electric circular saw is not in use, the guard can cover the blade, and it can be retracted to expose the blade when in use.
    • Foot or shoe. It is used to fix electric circular saw on the workpiece, commonly known as the bottom plate.
    • Depth adjustment. Adjust the cutting depth of the electric circular saw according to different workpieces thicknesses.
    • Bevel adjustment. Tilt the bottom plate relative to the blade to make a bevel cut.

    Circular Saw Buying Guide

    • Saw Blade Size of the Electric Circular Saw

    The size of an electric circular saw is usually classified according to the diameter of its saw blade. Diameter of the saw blade also determines the material thickness that the electric circular saw can cut. Saw blade diameters ranging from 5-1/2 inch to 7-1/4 inch are the most common, with cutting capabilities ranging from 1 inch to 2-1/2 inch. In general electric circular saws, there are also 6-1/2 inch and 12 inch, which can be used for light and heavy circular saws. Saw blades with a diameter of only about 4-1/3 or 4-1/2 inches are usually used for smaller dedicated trimming saws.

    • Power Supply of the Electric Circular Saw

    Corded Circular Saw

    Corded circular saw is powered by a wall socket or any other portable power distributor. Therefore, in terms of working power, Corded Electric Circular SawsCordless Electric Circular Sawscorded circular saw has an absolute advantage over cordless circular saw. If you use an electric circular saw to cut very hard wood or thick planks, corded circular saw is the best choice. This is not to say that circular saw cannot make these cuts, but doing so will quickly drain the battery. On the other hand, the corded circular saw has a stable running time without worrying about battery drain. It is suitable for continuous, heavy-duty cutting work.

    However, the only important disadvantage of corded circular saw is the cord. The maximum length of cord and its extension limits the working area. If you don't do a good job of reserve of wire extension cords, it may increase your overall cost of buying a circular saw.

    Cordless Circular Saw

    Cordless circular saw is powered by rechargeable battery. The most obvious advantage of cordless circular saw is that there is no wire (cord), which makes the electric circular saw more portable. Cordless circular saws are very suitable for areas where it is difficult to use extension cords and narrow spaces.

    Due to the limitations of batteries, cordless circular saws are most suitable for cutting wood products. Although they can cut hard materials, the extra power required for these tasks will quickly drain the battery. Because of the increased cost of batteries, the price of cordless circular saws is often much higher than that of corded circular saws.

    • Rated Power of the Electric Circular Saw

    For corded circular saws, the rated power is usually expressed in Amps. The higher the amperage, the stronger the cutting ability of an electric circular saw. Before buying, you can expect how many years it will be used, so the price difference is not important.

    For cordless circular saw, lithium-ion battery system is the most common power supply. 18 volt cordless circular saw is very common, but 20 volt is more powerful. In addition to voltage, also consider the Ah rating, which indicates how long the electric circular saw can be used before the battery runs out.

    • Additional Features of the Electric Circular Saw

    Spindle or shaft lock. It makes it easier to replace the saw blade. The shaft lock makes the shaft and the blade immobile, making it easier to replace the blade.
    Beveling ability. This represents the maximum bevel angle that an electric circular saw can cut.
    Bevel stop. The bevel stop is preset, to adjust the bevel cut quickly.
    Laser guided. It helps to improve cutting accuracy by projecting a beam of laser onto the workpiece.

    Our circular saws have multiple models, electric circular saws and cordless circular saws are available, saw blade size 3-1/3 inch, 5-1/2 inch, 6-1/2 inch, 7-1/4 inch, 12 inch for your selection. To get the best price, please check the following price list or visit the circular saw catalog on our website.

    Electric Circular Saw Price List

    Product Name SKU Blade Diameter Input Power Rated Current Price
    85mm Electric Circular Saw with Laser, 240V T-MCS-85 85mm (3-1/3 inch) 600W 2.5A, 2.6A $142.77
    5.5 Inch Electric Circular Saw, 240V T-MCS-55 5.5 inch (140mm) 750W 3.1A, 3.3A $132.62
    800W 3.3A, 3.5A $148.00
    7-1/4 Inch Hand-Held Electric Circular Saw, 6.6A T-MCS-714 7-1/4 inch (185mm) 1450W 6.6A, 6.0A $132.08
    185mm Hand-Held Electric Circular Saw, 6.8A T-MCS-185 185mm (7-1/4 inch) 1500W 6.8A, 6.3A $128.77
    12 Inch Hand-Held Electric Circular Saw, 11A T-MCS-12 12 inch (305mm) 2450W 11.1A, 10.2A $207.77
    6.5 Inch Plunge-Cut Track Saw, 6.1A T-PCTS-66 6.5 inch (165mm) 1400W 6.1A, 5.8A $344.87

    Cordless Circular Saw Price List

    Product Name SKU Blade Diameter Battery Price
    6-1/2 Inch Cordless Electric Circular Saw with Laser T-MCS-612 6-1/2 inch (160mm) 20V 2000mAh $156.77
    6-1/2 Inch Cordless Plunge-Cut Track Saw, 4.0Ah T-PCTS-64 6-1/2 inch (165mm) 20V 2.0Ah $554.23
    20V 4.0Ah $612.69
    4-1/3 Inch Cordless Plunge-Cut Track Saw, 2.0Ah T-PCTS-42 4-1/3 inch (110mm) 20V 2.0Ah $533.69

    Operation Tips for Circular Saw

    1. Do not set the blade depth of the electric circular saw too deep.
    2. Determine and set the blade depth before starting sawing.
    3. Allow the cutoff to fall away freely.
    4. When using an electric circular saw to cut plywood, support it by hand.
    5. Don’t cut wood that’s supported on both ends.
    6. When using an electric circular saw to cut the edges, fix the board.
    7. Raise the blade guard of the electric circular saw before starting to cut.
    8. Slide your fingers along the edge of board to guide the cut. (Note that you must hold the electric circular saw before turning it on and do not loosen it before the saw blade stops.)
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