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    Air Saw & File Price List

    Air body saws for wholesale on are light in weight, small in size and easy to carry, making them suitable for field work. The air saw performs piston reciprocating motion. The speed range of pneumatic saws purchased from our online store is relatively wide, ranging from 3500rpm to 30000rpm. Pneumatic saw is a convenient, safe and simple air tool which can be used for cutting off automobile plates, grinding wheels, components, bumpers and circular tubes. Air file is a pneumatic tool used for trimming, chamfering and deburring in the hardware industry such as die casting and stamping. From, you can buy lower cost pneumatic files, which have the characteristics of small size and light weight. They can complete the filing, cutting and sawing of general die castings and stamping parts, as well as the groove trimming of various aluminum and copper materials. also has listed the multifunctional air body saw & file in the latest price list. A power control device, a transmission device and an air body saw & file assembly are sequentially connected in the cavity of the main body. The power control device includes a switch pin, a spring, a switch valve, and a trigger. The spring is sleeved on one end of the switch pin, the other end of the switch pin is connected with the switch valve, and the trigger is movably connected with the main body. The transmission device includes a piston, a cylinder, a shuttle rod and a connecting sleeve. The piston is sleeved on the shuttle rod, and the piston extends into the cylinder and slides relative to the cylinder. One end of the shuttle rod is connected with the power control device, and the other end of the shuttle rod is connected with the air body saw & file assembly through a connecting sleeve. The multifunctional air body saw & file has simple structure, light weight, low noise, large output torque and small working vibration amplitude. According to the needs of different workpieces, the file and saw blade can be replaced at will on the air body saw & file chuck, which can not only achieve the effect of grinding the workpiece, but also play the role of sawing the workpiece.

    Air Saw & File Wholesale Price List

    Product Name SKU Stroke Length Strokes Per Minute File Piece Diameter Wholesale Price
    Air Body Saw & File, 0.3" Stroke, 9000bpm T-KP-753 0.3"/ 8mm 9000bpm 6mm $226.23 
    Air Body Saw & File, 0.4" Stroke, 3500bpm T-KP-750G 0.4"/ 10mm 3500bpm 5mm $208.46 
    Air Body Saw, 0.3" Stroke, 5000bpm T-KP-752 0.3"/ 8mm 5000bpm 12mm $260.82 
    Air File, 0.03" Stroke, 25000bpm T-KP-7571 0.03"/ 0.7mm 25000bpm 3mm $178.81 
    Air File, 0.03" Stroke, 30000bpm T-KP-756 0.03"/ 0.7mm 30000bpm 3mm $176.48 
    Air File, 0.07" Stroke, 30000bpm T-KP-757 0.07"/ 1.8mm 30000bpm 3mm $179.09 
    Air File, 0.2" Stroke, 3500bpm T-KP-751 0.2"/ 5mm 3500bpm 5mm $181.87 
    Air File, 0.35" Stroke, 3700bpm T-KP-755 0.35"/ 9mm 3700bpm 6mm $232.30 
    • Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want to get the latest quotation, please contact us now.

    Wholesale price air body saw in China

    How to use air saw & air file?

    1. Operation. Please operate the air saw & air file in accordance with the relevant instructions in the safety specification manual. Improper use may cause personal injury or property damage.
    2. Air pressure. Except for low-power air tools, the stable working air pressure is 0.62Mpa (90PSI) when using pneumatic saw and pneumatic file normally. Too low air pressure makes the pneumatic saw and pneumatic file work abnormally, and too high air pressure will affect the service life of the pneumatic saw and pneumatic file or bring danger.
    3. Air inlet pipe. In addition to low-power pneumatic tools, other pneumatic tools are generally recommended to use an intake pipe with an inner diameter of 8mm. High-power air impact wrench, air hammer, air pick and other products use at least 13mm inner diameter air inlet pipe to give full play to their performance and ensure work efficiency. The length of the intake pipe should not exceed 4m. If the air inlet pipe needs to be extended, the inner diameter of the air inlet pipe must be enlarged at the same time.
    4. Air compressor. Air compressors of different specifications should be selected according to different air body saw/air file air consumption. The air compressor needs to be drained daily to ensure that the air supply is pure and dry.
    5. FRL. In order to ensure that the air body saw/ air file runs smoothly and has a longer service life, the air line must be equipped with a FRL (filtering, pressure regulation, lubrication).
    6. Tool connection. Please do not install a quick couplings between the pneumatic reciprocating saw/ pneumatic file and the air line. Installing quick couplings will reduce the output power of pneumatic reciprocating saw & pneumatic file or the quick couplings will wear out and cause danger.

    Maintenance of air saw & file

    • FRL. In order to prevent the moisture and dust in the air line from entering the air saw & file and affecting the normal use of the air saw & file or even causing damage, the outlet pipeline of the air compressor must be equipped with a FRL, and the oil dropper should be adjusted to 2 drops per minute.
    • Daily maintenance. If the pneumatic saw/ pneumatic file is not equipped with a FRL device, the user must do the daily lubrication work. Before and after using the pneumatic saw/ pneumatic file, 3-5 drops of lubricating oil must be dripped into the pneumatic saw/ pneumatic file air inlet or oil injection hole. The lubrication condition of the transmission bearing and the striking mechanism of the pneumatic saw/ pneumatic file shall be checked every other month.
    • Lubricating oil. Air motor lubrication uses SAE#10 pneumatic lubricating oil, spindle oil, sewing machine oil. Do not use general oil or recycled oil, otherwise the internal parts of the air saw & file will be seriously damaged.
    • Check. All damaged, severely worn or inoperable devices must be discontinued. Only professionals can repair pneumatic saw and pneumatic file.
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