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    Rebar Tying Machine Latest Price

    Rebar tying machine is a hand-held automatic rebar tying tool. In China, there are many competitive price rebar tier machines for sale online. However, the price of the rebar tying tool is only one of the indicators you have to consider when buying. If you simply compare the prices, you will not be considerate enough. You also have to pay more attention to the quality, service, word-of-mouth, suitability for your own steel tying work, etc. The following is the latest price list and product details of rebar tying machines for wholesale on The automatic rebar tying machine produced in China is an intelligent construction tool with a built-in microcontroller that can automatically complete all steps of rebar tying. It is widely used in construction sites, large bridges, roads, railway construction, tunnel construction and other large projects. The work efficiency of the automatic rebar tier purchased from the online store will be 3-4 times higher than the efficiency of the traditional manual tying, so it is definitely worth the price.

    Automatic Rebar Tying Machine Latest Price

    Product Name SKU Battery Voltage Applicable Rebar Size Ties Per Charge Wire Length Per Tying Latest Wholesale Price
    Automatic Rebar Tying Machine, 18V, 4-28mm T-RT-18-28 18V 4-28 mm 5500 knots 43-58 cm $1,654.92
    Automatic Rebar Tying Machine, 18V, 4-45mm T-RT-18-45 18V 4-45 mm 4500 knots 60-82 cm $1,854.85
    Automatic Rebar Tying Machine, 18V, 4-58mm T-RT-18-58 18V 4-58 mm 3300 knots 103-128 cm $2,351.42
    Automatic Rebar Tying Machine, 14V, 12-60mm T-RT-14-60 14V 12-60mm 2500 knots 103-128cm $1,751.63
    Automatic Rebar Tying Machine, 14V, 4-28mm T-RT-14-28 14V 4-28mm 3300 knots 43-58cm $1,669.38
    Automatic Rebar Tying Machine, 14V, 6-40mm T-RT-14-40 14V 6-40mm 2700 knots 60-82cm $1,862.52
    Automatic Rebar Tying Machine, 9V, 4-28mm T-RT-9-28 9V 4-28mm 1500 knots - $1,598.84
    Automatic Rebar Tying Machine, 9V, 6-45mm T-RT-9-45 9V 6-45mm 1400 knots - $1,755.30
    Automatic Rebar Tying Machine, 9V, 12-58mm T-RT-9-58 9V 12-58mm 1300 knots - $2,197.91

    Latest price rebar tying machine

    Advantages of automatic rebar tying tool

    • The operation is very simple and convenient, and the one-handed operation design can improve the safety factor of workers during operation.
    • The operation is efficient and fast, the strapping efficiency is 3-4 times that of manual strapping, and it can tie 50-60 knots per minute.
    • The automatic rebar tier body is light and durable, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, and at the same time ensures the uniformity and stability of the binding quality.
    • It has a built-in powerful battery, and the charging time does not exceed 70 minutes.
    • We provide a complete range of automatic rebar tying machine models. 9V, 14V, 18V power supply can be selected. Different models are suitable for different applicable rebar size, such as 4-28 mm, 12-60mm, 6-45mm, etc. In China, few manufacturers produce automatic steel bar tying machines of 60mm and above. Fortunately, is one of them. Other factories provide mostly small and medium-sized rebar binding machines. So don't miss the opportunity to buy the best rebar tying machine with lower cost now.

    The operation of automatic rebar tier

    1. Preparation: Before use, charge the unused battery for 1.5 hours, and then use it after it is fully charged. Charging steps:

    1. Insert the battery into the charging appliance as indicated by the mark and plug in the power source.
    2. The red light on the charging base is on, but the green light is off, indicating that the battery is being charged.
    3. The red light is off and the green light is on, indicating that the battery is fully charged and can be used normally.

    2. Battery installation: Insert the battery into the handle of the automatic rebar tying machine according to the corresponding position on the handle.

    3. Power on/ off

    Latest price automatic rebar tier

    • Press the "SET" button in the middle of the adjustment button to display "OFF", indicating that the steel bar tying machine circuit system is in standby.
    • Long press the middle "SET" button for 2 seconds to start the circuit system of the steel bar tying machine. At this time, "SPO" or "NO" will appear on the display. "SPO" is displayed, indicating that there is no wire reel in the rebar tying tool or the wire reel has run out. Displaying "NO" means that there is an available wire reel in the rebar tier machine and it can start working.
    • When the tying work is over, press and hold the middle "SET" button of the adjustment button for 2 seconds, and the display shows "OFF". After releasing the button, the rebar tying machine automatically turns off the power.
    • If there is no operation for 20 minutes, the rebar tier will automatically turn off all power supplies.

    4. Notes

    1. Press the start button and the automatic rebar tie gun will strap (spin, hinge, cut).
    2. Only press the button once for one strapping. Don't put your hands into the jaws when tying.
    3. When the bundling is automatically completed, lift the jaws from the cross of the steel bars and pull them out to complete the whole process. Then prepare for the next knot binding.
    4. When the strapping process is not completed, please do not pull out the rebar binding machine in advance, otherwise the tie will not be tight or the tie will slip.
    5. When tying different types of steel bars, the torque of the rebar tying machine should be adjusted according to the diameter of the steel bars. If the wire is broken during the hinge, please reduce the torque. If the wire binding is not tight enough (hand shake the binding knot gently), please increase the torque to achieve a suitable binding effect.

    5. Operation skills

    • After tying the steel bar at an angle of 45 degrees to the left, the next tying will change to a tying at an angle of 45 degrees to the right, one left and one right, alternately.
    • When the automatic rebar tier is about to be tightened, the machine body will shake slightly. At this time, the hand holding the automatic rebar tier machine should not be too tight, you can relax it appropriately.

    Note: Only part of the automatic rebar tiers are shown in the latest price list. If you have new requirements, please contact us directly for consultation and purchase.

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