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    Air Diaphragm Pump Price List
    Air operated double diaphragm pump, or AODD pump is a new pumping machine used for handling various corrosive liquid. It has four kinds of body materials, such as plastic, aluminum alloy, stainless steel and cast iron. The diaphragm respectively adopts nitrile rubber, neoprene rubber, fluorine rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene, etc. according to different liquid media in order to meet the needs of different users. provides different sizes of air operated double diaphragm pump for your choices, fluid inlet and outlet 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 1-1/2 inch, 2 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch available. Compared with other manufacturers and retailers, our products are cost-effective and they have such advantages as high quality, small in size, easy to install and operate.
    Hydraulic Pump Price List
    A hydraulic pump is a device that converts mechanical energy into pressure and flow, which is used to transfer liquid or gas in a hydraulic system. Applications include industry, construction, foundation repair, production, processing, punching, crimping, cutting or pressurizing fixtures, etc. Hydraulic electric pumps, hydraulic hand pumps and pressure test pumps are the 3 most widely used types in the entire industry. Here you can get hydraulic pump latest price.
    Electric Drill Price List
    Electric drill is a conventional product in power tools, commonly used in construction, decoration, processing and personal DIY projects. In addition to drilling holes, electric drill can also loosen or tighten screws, or chisel away materials. Electric drill is a compact power tool, whose price is not very high. Most suppliers provide wholesale prices for users who buy electric drills in large quantities. According to power source, electric drill is divided into cordless drill and corded drill. On this basis, there are more powerful impact drill and hammer drill. In, you can buy electric drill online at best price. Cordless drill and corded drill are available, which have large drilling capacity and powerful functions. Please read the following content and price list. If you need more details about product or wholesale price, welcome to visit the product page or contact with us!
    Laboratory Mixer Price List
    Laboratory mixer is an electric mixer, used for stirring, homogenizing, mixing and dispersing. Laboratory mixer is mostly used for mixing materials to prevent material precipitation. In China, laboratory mixers are widely used in higher education institutions, scientific research institutes, water plants, sewage treatment plants, water supply and drainage, environmental protection, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, light industry, pharmaceuticals, electric power, papermaking, printing and dyeing and other industries. Laboratory mixer is an indispensable instrument for biochemistry laboratory. There are 3 kinds of laboratory mixers commonly used in China: vortex mixer, magnetic stirrer and overhead stirrer. This article will introduce these 3 laboratory mixers in turn and list the latest price. You can buy the best laboratory mixers from China online at Our price is very affordable, if you buy wholesale, there will be a bigger discount!
    Hydraulic Crimping Tools Price List
    Hydraulic crimping tool is a hand-held machine, similar in appearance to pliers, so it is also called hydraulic crimping pliers. In China, Hydraulic crimping tools are used to crimp various copper/aluminum terminals, or connect (or crimp) cable lugs to the ends of wires. Hydraulic crimping tool is driven by hydraulic system, it applies pressure on the terminal or cable lug to press it against the wire to complete the connection between lug and wire. For the power industry in China, hydraulic crimping tools are necessary tools for conducting wire splicing and crimping during line infrastructure construction and line maintenance. Here we provide the best hydraulic crimping tools from China. The following price list listing a series of hydraulic cable wire crimping tools with 8 dies, 9 dies, 10 dies etc., for use with a wide range of wires 4-70mm², 10-240mm², 16-300mm², etc. For more details, please visit the corresponding product page.
    Electric Hammer Latest Price List
    Electric hammer is a widely used power tool. Electric hammer is based on the power drill, added a piston driven by motor to compress air back and forth in a cylinder, so that the air pressure in cylinder changes periodically. The changing air pressure drives the hammer in cylinder to strike the top of drill bit repeatedly. This principle is equivalent to hitting the drill bit with a hammer, hence the name electric hammer. Electric hammers belong to a category of electric drills, which are mainly used to drill holes in concrete, wooden boards, brick walls and stone. provides 2 types of electric hammers at best price: demolition hammer and rotary hammer, or you can buy them wholesale to get more favorable prices. This article will introduce the basic information of demolition hammer and rotary hammer, and show our latest price list. You can also visit the product page to learn more or contact us.
    Buy Electric Screwdriver at Best Price
    Screwdriver is a common tool. According to the driving source, it can be divided into manual screwdriver, electric screwdriver and pneumatic screwdriver. Hand screwdrivers do not require batteries or AC power, so the price is lower than electric screwdrivers. However, this means that when using a manual screwdriver, you must rely on your own strength to get the torque you need. Electric screwdrivers are faster than hand screwdrivers and more accurate than air screwdrivers. If you are a high-volume manufacturer and need to tighten or remove many screws in a short time, then an electric screwdriver is a good choice. An electric screwdriver with a brushless motor can reduce downtime for maintenance, thereby keeping your tools online, thereby maximizing the return on investment of the tool and reducing costs. In, you can buy electric screwdrivers online at best price. We are the professional supplier of cordless electric screwdriver set and electric torque screwdriver. Please read on to get the electric screwdriver buying guide and our price list.
    Electric Jig Saw Wholesale Price List
    Electric jig saw (also written as jigsaw), sometimes also called saber saw. Electric jig saw is a hand-held cutting machine with blades used to cut curves on wood, plastic, ceramic tiles, plywood, chipboard or metal. In addition to curved cutting, electric jigsaw can also be used for straight cutting and plunge-in cutting (not necessarily cut from the edge of material). In addition, the electric jig saw can also be used for angled bevel cutting to form beveled edges. In addition to be an industrial equipment, electric jigsaw is also a commonly used electric cutting tool for professional woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts. Electric jig saw is a simple small electric tool, usually the price is not very high. provides wholesale price electric jig saw online. Cutting capacities are available in 2-4/7 inch (65mm) and 3.15 inch (80mm), motor power from 550W to 800W, which can meet most of cutting demands. Please visit the product catalog of electric jig saw for details or contact with us.
    Hot Melt Glue Gun Wholesale Price List
    If you like making some handcrafts, you must be familiar with a hot melt glue gun, because many small objects cannot be done without it. The hot melt glue gun is very convenient to use. In daily life, you can use it to repair furniture, paste objects or repair kid's toys. In addition, it is applied in many fields, such as carton sealant, automobile product assembly, refrigerator sealant, furniture production, shoe industry, wood industry, toy industry, textile industry, handicrafts and others. Now, we provide you the best hot melt glue gun at online shop, selectable 20W, 25W, 60W, 100W, 200W, 300W. You can buy them at low cost. We’ve listed hot melt glue gun wholesale price list in the table below.
    Air Nailer & Stapler Price List
    Air nailers & staplers are kinds of pneumatic nailing equipment used in construction, decoration, packaging, furniture production and other fields. Powered by compressed air, they drive the nails and staples at high speed using the principle of the impact cylinder. Air nailers and air staplers use safe air pressure inside, which will not discharge any pollutants in the air outlet. With the linkage safety fuse device, they are high-speed automation tool of safety and environmental protection. The prices of pneumatic nail guns and staple guns at online shop are affordable, generally, the price increases as the thickness of nails or staples they accept increases.
    Rebar Tying Machine Latest Price
    Rebar tying machine is a hand-held automatic rebar tying tool. In China, there are many competitive price rebar tier machines for sale online. However, the price of the rebar tying tool is only one of the indicators you have to consider when buying. If you simply compare the prices, you will not be considerate enough. You also have to pay more attention to the quality, service, word-of-mouth, suitability for your own steel tying work, etc. The following is the latest price list and product details of rebar tying machines for wholesale on The automatic rebar tying machine produced in China is an intelligent construction tool with a built-in microcontroller that can automatically complete all steps of rebar tying. It is widely used in construction sites, large bridges, roads, railway construction, tunnel construction and other large projects. The work efficiency of the automatic rebar tier purchased from the online store will be 3-4 times higher than the efficiency of the traditional manual tying, so it is definitely worth the price.

    Latest price rebar tying machine

    Flashlight Latest Wholesale Price List
    LED Flashlight

    Flashlight also named as torch, is a hand tool for night lighting. There are a great many kinds of flashlights and headlamps with different prices, how to select a cost-effective one? For sure, good flashlights must have good performance. At, we offer you the best LED flashlights and headlamps online, such as mini LED pen flashlight, COB mini LED flashlight, waterproof LED diving flashlight, 1000 lumens LED rechargeable flashlight, handheld rechargeable work light, 395nm UV black light flashlight, 3000 lumens rechargeable headlamp, COB rechargeable headlamp. They are all at wholesale price. It is definitely worth buying our products because they meet all of your requirements.
    Buy Air Nipper & Crimper at Best Price in China
    When buying air nippers/ air crimpers, people in China usually pay great attention to the prices, manufacturers, specifications, etc. in order to get the best one. Now has already compiled the air scissors & pneumatic crimpers best price list online, so that you can experience the ease of shopping. In China, the functions of air nipper & air crimper are different. If you want to cut copper wire, iron wire, soft and hard plastic, we have wholesale price air scissors with cutting capacity of 1.0mm-3.3mm, 2.5mm-12mm, etc. If you need help with terminal crimping, you can buy air crimpers with cutting capacity of 1.25-8mm. Get more information from the air nipper & air crimper wholesale price list before buying. Air nipper is an automatic shearing pneumatic tool that uses compressed air as the power and uses solenoid valves to control pneumatic switches. Air scissors are mainly used in industries, such as cutting thin metal plates, trimming linear materials and cutting plastic nozzles, electronic feet, winding machines, etc.

    Best price air crimpers in China

    Air Rivet Gun Latest Price List
    Air rivet guns require compressed air to work. The compressed air into the cylinder generates a thrust that helps the air riveter achieves the purpose of snapping the rivets. provides wide selection of air rivet guns in designs and sizes for you. They are all at wholesale price in multiple specifications. Our air pop rivet guns have such advantages as low cost, convenient to use, fast riveting, light in weight and no oil loss. They have vibration-free design, which can effectively prevent the operator’s wrist strain. Automatic suction air rivet guns with high working stability and longtime service, are suitable for those users who need to work at high strength. They are mainly used for riveting aluminum, iron and stainless steel sheet materials, which are widely applied in decoration, automobile manufacturing and modification, container, electrical appliance, shipping industry and other fields. Buy air riveters online for your riveting work now!
    Garden Sprayers Latest Wholesale Price provides wholesale price garden sprayers online. The garden sprayers listed in the latest price list include 0.5-5 gallons pump garden sprayers and some small spray bottles. As the essential garden tool for everyone, these garden pump sprayers have super hardness and the colors and materials are the best. They can spray even water mist, and you can also adjust the size of the water droplets. Our backpack pressure sprayers are suitable for disinfection of sanitation and epidemic prevention, hotels, greenhouses and storage; water spraying and pest control for flowers, bonsai, and nurseries; pest control for small farmland vegetables and fruit trees, etc. Now buy a lower cost garden backpack sprayer from and you'll get great benefits.

    Wholesale price garden pump sprayer

    Best Price for Air Grease Pump
    In order to save your time, we have prepared a list of the best prices for air grease pumps so that you can buy them directly online. As is known to all, pneumatic grease pump is a professional air tool for lubricating. It can be used in various engineering machinery and equipment, engineering assembly lines to add lubricating grease to the equipment, thereby increasing the service life of each part of the equipment. The best price air powered grease pumps for sale on are currently widely used throughout the country. Now check the price list and click the SKU to buy best air grease pumps with 3 gallons to 12 gallons capacity at lower cost.
    Lawn Sprinklers Price in China
    Lawn sprinklers offer a practical way for watering grass and flowers in dry weather, which help you build a beautiful garden or yard easily. Faced with so many kinds of garden sprinklers, you may be confused about how to choose them. Generally, the price of a lawn sprinkler is about between $25 and $45 in China. At, we provide rotating sprinkler, multi head sprinkler, oscillating sprinkler, tripod sprinkler, impulse sprinkler and spike sprinkler for you, they are all at wholesale price. You can buy them according to the scale of your garden and yard, the more you buy, the more we discount. The wholesale price list of lawn sprinklers is in the table. Lawn Sprinklers
    Circular Saw Best Price List
    Circular saw is one of the most common power cutting tools today, whether for industrial, commercial or household woodworking work. With different blades, circular saw can cut wood, steel, metal, masonry, tiles, etc. The circular saw with laser guidance has high sawing accuracy, and the price is relatively high. In, circular saws have the best price and support wholesale. In this paper, there are circular saw buying guide and price list for you.
    Buy Angle Grinder Online at Best Price
    Angle grinder is a small grinding machine, handheld operation. Angle grinder is a multifunctional grinding tool and its price is affordable. Angle grinder is also considered as the best welding auxiliary tool, which has functions of cutting metal, carving wood, cutting tiles, removing grout between tiles, and so on. Angle grinder's grinding disk is replaceable, some are used for cutting, and some are used for grinding material edges. A protective cover is installed between the grinding disk and the handle to protect the safety of operator. There are high-quality angle grinders with best prices. Grinding disks are available in 4 inch, 4-1/2 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, 7 inch and 9 inch. You can buy ideal angle grinder online at best price, or you can reduce your cost by wholesale. To select an angle grinder that meets your requirement, please visit the product page.
    Sheep & Dog Clippers Wholesale Price List
    Sheep clippers and dog clippers are all shearing machine used in hair cutting for animals. Electric clipper is a simple power tool with compact and low price. The main components of electric hair clippers are blades, guards, combs and motors. Generally, electric hair clippers have a set of movable blades and a set of fixed blades. The movable blade grabs the sheep/dog/cat hair and moves it toward the fixed blade. When the hair is between the blades, it is cut off. The principle is similar to scissors and razors. Motor provides power for the moving mechanism. The moving mechanism moves blades back and forth, thereby shearing hair between the movable blade and the fixed blade.