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    Air Drill Wholesale Price List
    Air drill, as known as pneumatic drill, is a kind of handheld air tool that is mainly used for drilling metal construction, especially thin-walled shell and aluminum magnesium material. We use it a lot where we need to drill holes. Air drill requires compressed air to work, so you need to prepare an air compressor and air hose before use. The compressed air is cold, long-term used of the pneumatic drill can greatly help it heat dissipation. This is why the factories prefer air drills for long-term work. In addition, it is safer than an electric drill, you don’t need to be afraid of potential safety hazards like an electric shock and leakage.
    Buy Air Wrench Online at Best Price
    Air wrench can offer high torque output with minimum consumption. Powered by compressed air, it is a useful air tool that is used for tightening and loosening nuts and bolts. When the compressed air into the cylinder, it will drive the impeller to generate rotating power. The impeller then drives the connected hitting parts to carry out a similar hammer movement. After each stroke, air wrenches will tighten or remove the screws. The most common air wrenches are air impact wrenches and air ratchet wrenches. Generally, the price increases along with the maximum torque increases.
    Latest Price for Belt Sander
    Belt sander is a small sanding machine, there are handheld belt sander and stationary belt sander (bench belt sander). Belt sander is a common woodworking tool that can be used to remove excess parts of material surface and reduce roughness. The main working principle of belt sander is the continuous circulation of sanding belt. Belt sander uses a completely looped abrasive belt, while disc/orbital/finishing sander uses a static abrasive belt. The sanding belt is installed in the shell of belt sander. It surrounds the driving wheel of electric motor at the rear and the free-slip guide wheel at the front. Tension control and alignment guides keep the sanding belt from shifting, while the motor drives the sanding belt to move forward. In this article, you can get the latest price of belt sander, belt & disc sander and pipe belt sander. Belt sander for wholesale is available, please check the price list or our website.
    Electric Pruning Shears Price in China
    The price list of electric pruning shears on is provided below. Electric garden pruning shears are one of the commonly used electric garden tools, which is suitable for pruning branches and leaves of fruit trees, gardens, mulberries, grapes, etc. Compared with traditional hand pruners, electric pruning shears have the advantages of higher efficiency, better durability, higher construction quality, and good safety protection performance. The battery powered pruning shears on have low prices and good quality. You can buy 14V, 16.8V, 18V, 21V, 36V and 48V rechargeable electric pruner here. You can also choose the best electric pruning scissors with a cutting diameter of 25mm-45mm. The package contains a charger and battery. The electric pruning shears for wholesale have fast charging speed and can work for 3-4 hours each time they are fully charged, which can meet the requirements of long garden pruning work. Now buy best price electric pruning shears from
    Automatic Pet Feeder Price List
    Automatic pet feeder is a food dispenser with some smart functions, such as timed feeding, quantitative feeding, WIFI connection, camera monitor, etc. When you leave home for work or appointment and don't have time to feed your dog or cat, the automatic pet feeder can dispense food to your pet according to a preset schedule. Automatic pet water fountain allows your pet to drink water autonomously. In market, gravity pet feeder is a common type of dog food dispenser with the simplest function, its price is relatively low. The food is stored in the funnel, the food is poured into the connected bowl by gravity, and the bowl is refilled with the food when the bowl is empty. This is not suitable for dogs who are prone to overeating.
    Plant Trays Price List
    The plant trays (also called seed trays) is an important garden tool in the factory seedling production process, which provides a guarantee for the rapid and mass production of garden seedlings. The following is the wholesale price list of plant trays on We provide lower cost plant growing trays of different thicknesses and sizes. Here you can choose the thickness from 0.4mm to 1.2mm, or choose from 15 holes/ 72 holes/ 128 holes/ 200 holes/ 288 holes. At the same time, there are many types of plant starter trays for wholesale, which are used for the cultivation and transportation of succulents.